The Secret World Serves Up a New Conspiracy…

As in, what happened to the Collector’s Edition?  Turns out, that instead of that whole onerous name and label, you can instead choose optional upgrade packs (and even go ahead and buy more character slots – because you only get 3!) that range from an extra $15 to an extra $200!!!


Initiate Pack ($15):

  • Blood Raven – social flying pet
  • Faction Leather Jacket – three color sets, one for each type of society
  • Set of Weaponry – better quality beginning weapons of every type

Master Pack ($60)

  • Game Time – one additional month of game time
  • One Extra Character Slot
  • One additional Name Reservation
  • Set of Talismans – one high end beginner talisman for “every slot” (7 apparently) – this makes you “better”
  • 10 XP Boost potions
  • 10% lifetime discount on purchases from the social clothing store

Grand Master Pack ($200)

  • Everything in the Master Pack
  • Lifetime Sub
  • Exclusive Snakeskin Jacket


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No word on whether the Master Pack also includes the Initiate Pack, though I assume not.  Oh, and additional slots and name reservations are $10 each…


The pre-order process itself just smacks of “incomplete”: an in game t-shirt that will have some kind of unknown monster design on it, a ring that will boost XP for the “earlier parts of the game”, and a “powerful combat pet” (one of which is a cat…not like a mountain cat, like a house cat…).   Plus I don’t think any of us really believed the game would be launching this soon.


On the other hand, maybe I’m just biased that I’ve been following the game since day one, and, like with TOR, have nothing to show for it.


Unanswered mysteries, conspiracy bias, and myths aside, its apparently for real.  So go get yours now…if you dare.

2 thoughts on “The Secret World Serves Up a New Conspiracy…

  1. Hi,

    doens’t sound good, especially the following item [quote]Lifetime Sub[/quote]

    I smell a fast candidate for “Everthing is Free-2-Play” *eg*


    1. My main concern at this point is balance and content. I’m one of those who are curious how the skill system will work, and I guarantee that they do not have enough people testing the game at this point to clear out all overpowered or broken combos. In fact, most of them won’t even be found until a few weeks before launch.

      Beyond that, given the short development cycle on this (four years max, and thats if they turn off Conan on launch day to work on this) means content is going to be scarce, especially at the rate some of the locusts…err, “hardcore players” consume it. Which means player retention is going to be based on PvP…which won’t have been properly balanced. :-p

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