Max Levels, Time Played, and Just What Is Loyalty?

So I managed to, for the second time, to max level in an MMORPG.  Meet Vice Admiral Gharrett…or at least, his backside as he dings 50:

Oooh, shiny.

And, with all the hubub about SWTOR’s loyalty rewards for those people who have totally played the game the way Bioware told you not to (yes, this smells of EA, not BW), I had some questions myself.  I did some checking of time played.  Hitting 50 in STO took me almost exactly 100 hours.  Of course this time was broken up and spread out, but there you have it.

In SWTOR on the other hand, I have invest 93 hours into my main, and I just dinged 31.  Incidentally, I’d show you a screenshot, but as it turns out, amond the myriad of things still bugged 4 months in is the screenshot function (sometimes it captures, sometimes it doesn’t).   I’d say I’ve put in another 50 or so hours with my alt and various piddly starter characters, which means my playing time on average has been about an hour a day.

At that rate, I most certainly am not a “loyal customer” (at least, according to EA/BW).  And all those shiny new fun goodies in the Legacy system?  Well they mostly revolve around items either required you to be 50 (another 100 hours or so?) or costing in the 500k to 1m range in credits (I currently have about 50k to my name).

In other words, 1.2 did nothing for me.  It fixed none of the bugs I was struggling with, it added no new content for me, and did nothing to enrich my game experience.  But that makes sense if I am not a loyal customer.

So what does that mean?  It means that I have to vote with my wallet.  When my six month sub is up in June – what am I going to do?  Keep paying for a buggy game with a snail-paced development cycle?  Keep paying for a game that considers me a second class citizen?  I don’t know.  I do have lots of friends (and family) playing, so as long as they want to play, I will too, but that’s about as far as my loyalty extends at this point.

So maybe EA/BW is right after all.  But its hard to think of it as anything other than a self-fulfilling prophecy.


5 thoughts on “Max Levels, Time Played, and Just What Is Loyalty?

  1. Yeah, I stopped playing SWTOR about a month or so ago… and 1.2 didn’t have anything that truly excited me outside of the new flashpoint. I still haven’t even checked it out.

  2. I continue to be frustrated, even with the rejiggered requirement of Legacy 6, I will have scramble to reach it—and to help my @sctrz do the same—by the 22 April deadline. And I quite frankly have played more than 1 hour per day on average.

    1. I’m just not sure what they hoped to gain here. Giving all the inactive accounts a week to try out the changes and convince them to come back was great. Why you would throw in a free month for a portion of your player base (no matter how you slice that portion) would seem to be counterproductive…

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