World of Warplanes CBT Is Taking Off

Less than 48 hours remains before the testing population of World of Warplanes gets a significant boost as it shifts gears from Alpha to Beta.   The news release notes that Alpha applicants will have priority over Beta applicants, so those who have been waiting awhile might get some good news this week.

Sadly, I can not give you good news or bad news either one, because as it turns out, Wargaming had need of my services…

For those keeping score, this has been my third Alpha overall, but only my first for Wargaming.  One thing I can say in general is that as a tester now for both this company’s games, Wargaming is a really good developer in terms of listening to player feedback and striving to constantly make a better product.  Other companies would do well to take some notes from them.

Also, I can tell you that I have great sadness that the tech trees as currently published do not include my favorite planes.

2 thoughts on “World of Warplanes CBT Is Taking Off

  1. I have to believe that the P-38 will be in there eventually.

    The Avenger though, that might be marginal compared to what I have seen for ground attack planes. But I am not sure what else I would pick. The SB2C maybe? Or the P-36? The US never really had something like the IL-2, and fighters like the P-47 filled the ground attack role for the AAF more than any of the specialized craft.

    Meanwhile the P-61 was such a specialized and short lived bird, with somewhat middle of the road performance, that it doesn’t really seem to have a place in the WoWp scheme of things. An interesting plane though. I built a 1/48 scale model of one when I was a kid.

    We had these sorts of arguments back in the early Air Warrior days. We got the F4U added, but they wouldn’t put in the P-47 or the F6F because the F4U pretty much filled the “heavy, tough, fast radial engined fighter” niche. If nothing else,’s work on WoT indicates that they will continue adding planes as time goes on. If they can find room for a French tank tree, they might find room for the P-61

    1. Right now there’s not even a ground attach line for anything other than Russia, though I assume eventually they will have ground attack and heavy fighters for every nation. But yes, the Avenger doesn’t really fit, except in that they appear to want to split out a separate carrier-based portion of the tree for the US, so I will cling to a slim hope!

      The P-61 is actually more likey, given that they have the IL-20 Hunchback and Fw. 57 both already listed on the trees, both of which are comparable to the P-61 in terms of size, at least.

      I think you may have the right of it with some of the niche talk though – the line follows the progressions of the F series but replaces the Hellcat and Bearcat with the Corsair and Super Corsair. One does hold out hope for a strong premium line though – even if it takes awhile.

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