All Hail the Savior of the MMO World (?)

So, like many of you out there, I had a chance to spend some of the weekend playing Guild Wars 2 (though not all of it, as I was in attendence at Liberty Con again after a year hiatus).   I would be lying if I said I was not impressed.


There is a great deal about the game to like, from the general way that quests and exploration is laid out, to the unique advancement and skill unlock system that gives you a nice sense of progression without making you feel like you have to cap level to be fully effective, to the highlighting of a storyline that is configured to your play style.   I even have admiration for the few old school/hardcore nods they put into the game – like separating starting areas by race.  I can tell many of you all are impressed as well – if not from the glowing posts of praise, then at least from the fact that you gave all the half-naked female scholar models a complete and total pass.


But I’m hesitant.  Maybe its because I’m a little gun-shy from previous promises.  Or maybe its because I just don’t trust this franchise not to suddenly make the whole world go boom, or because of the way they carefully avoid the term F2P/Free to Play.   Or perhaps the way in which, unless you got lucky like I did, you had to actually buy the full game to try it out.


But mostly I think its the way that everyone is tripping over themselves to tell you how great it is, how its the next big thing, etc.  In other words, my BS alarm is going off in the back of my head.   Surely there are things about this game that are bad, right?  Things that we don’t like, yes?  If I tried to review this game from my limited playtime and maybe supplemented with everything I’ve read so far, I wouldn’t even have to put a Bad or Ugly section in it seems.


So here’s what I need.  I need to know what is bad or wrong or faulty or weak with this game.  If you have some insight, feel free to drop it here or write a post about it.

3 thoughts on “All Hail the Savior of the MMO World (?)

  1. Well, in between hours-long stretches of pure undiluted awesome during this past Beta Weekend Event, the game did glitch out twice and force me to hard reset.

    And I suppose the lack of player housing kind of sucks.

    But uh…. otherwise? Yeah, undiluted awesome.

  2. I did crash to desktop at least once. Funny, I had not even thought of the racial starting areas as a distinctive feature of the game. It’s simply the way it should be.

  3. I didn’t have any technical issues, but then I didn’t get very far in the limited time I was playing. I definitely went into the weekend as a skeptic, but I ended the weekend by adding the game to my birthday list. I’m still a little wary, but passing on this would kinda be like passing on the perceived best player in a draft. Yeah they might be a bust, but you kinda have to take them.

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