Birthday Bucks $$$

My wife’s grandparents sent me some money for my birthday, which was very kind of them.  They are also very old school, so they expect a thank you letter.  But they are actually kind of funny about it – if you don’t send a thank you card, your next birthday present will be a boring and/or tacky shirt or sweater of some sort.  The year following, you get another chance, and so on.  I love it.

So, naturally, I messed up last time, and I don’t want to do that again.  So as soon as I got the money in the mail I sat down and wrote out the following Thank You Card, which I dropped in the mail today:

“Dear Grandparent In-Laws,

Thank you very much for the birthday wishes and the gift of money!  I have used some of the money to purchase a new spaceship for myself, and am thinking I will use the rest to buy a new shirt for Sunday mornings.  Thank you!

PS – See enclosed photo of new ship.”

Wish I could be there when they open it!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Bucks $$$

  1. Thanks! I technically haven’t bought it yet, since I was otherwise engaged last night. But it has been my favorite ship ever since I first laid eyes on it in its first appearance in TNG.

    Spaghettifying…Isn’t that what happens when the FSM claims you into his divine and yet somehow sinister service? (-:

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