Rift’s New Deal: Something No One Has Picked Up On Yet?

I’ve seen some good coverage of Trion’s move to offer the Storm Legion expansion for free if you pony up for a year long sub.   Some good discussion about whether or not its worth it in the end.   And some good reminders that Trion continues to take what others do and both copy and improve on what it sees.

Like oversexed celebrity spokeswomen.

It was the former though that got me thinking about one thing that Trion has done right that we so often complain about.   This deal with the Storm Legion pack is a great promotion, because unlike many others done by other MMO’s – it most directly benefits current subscribers.   As Flosch points out, you really have to play 7 or 8 months to come out ahead in the promotion.   That’s something that is great for the loyal subscribers who love the game and are sticking with it long term.   Its not as enticing to those who are new or who are half-hearted in their dedication.

And please note this is a little different than Blizzard’s Diablo III offer because the free program here is a direct benefit of the game you love, giving you lots of extra content for it, rather than stealing your precious time away into a side project.

I think we’ve all said this before, but…would that Bioware had taken a good look around itself in the last year or two, the shroud of the dark side might not have fallen as hard and fast as it did.

Execute Order F2P

Loyatly is more than just Veteran Rewards.   Its listening, crafting opportunities to reward those who invest time and effort, and regular feedback and thanks in return for what is given.   Trion does that as well or better than anyone afloat right now, and its a part of what makes them as successful as they have been.  Others…take note!

3 thoughts on “Rift’s New Deal: Something No One Has Picked Up On Yet?

  1. Trion’s offer is a good example of their “copy and improve” approach. Unless they’re being sneaky and I missed something. Housing items and similar things are great as Veteran rewards, but if that’s all you get while the money-saving deals only go to not-yet-or-not-any-more subscribers, that grates me (and a lot of people). In that respect, this offer is very nicely done.

    I personally might still not take it, because I don’t play Rift much. The game focuses on polish so much that it sometimes feels like they polished away part of the substance. At least to me, it always felt slightly… void. It feels like it is a great game, but not a good world. The game will probably lure me in again eventually, but I’m not sure the world will be able to keep me.

    It is a tempting offer, though.

  2. I am not sure that the scantily clad woman is doing Trion any favors. I can be oblivious on that topic, but even I found it off putting. MMO senior execs though, they seem have an appreciation for that sort of thing:

  3. Yeah, her royal(?) whatever-she-is-ness is one of those things I look at and roll my eyes: “Puh-lease… that’s so overdone.” That’s worse than Ms. Blondy from Everquest. Besides, that “armor” looks really, really uncomfortable. Don’t those sharp edges prick the skin? Alright, you won’t die of a heat stroke in your full plate if you have to fight in the summer heat. But has anybody in fantasy land ever heard of skin cancer? I hope this weird purple skin is magically immune to UV radiation?

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