A Bold Prediction for NCSoft

I was reading Ysharros’ recommending reading around the closing of CoX.   I just realized I have never blogged about this, but I did play City of Heroes/Villains for two stints, and really enjoyed the game.  The first time Vanguard pulled me away (lol)  and the second time EVE did.


And let me say I enjoyed the article and understood the background behind the argument that closing CoX is the best thing for NCSoft.  I do get a little bit of business strategy even if I do not operate in that sphere in real life.


But what stood out to me the most was this tangential line in the post:


If the money might be better off going to ArenaNet (you bet NCsoft wants Guild Wars 2 to an incredible success) or Carbine Studios (Wildstar is on its way) than staying with Paragon Studios, then it makes sense to divert the cash.


Let me be the first to predict:  Wildstar will be an unmitigated failure of a game.  A disasterous underperforming WoW clone of the worst order, arriving on the MMO scene about five years too late.  That is not an argument for saving CoX, that’s just something I need to put out there because if I hear another person glowing over how “great” that game is going to be, I may scream.

3 thoughts on “A Bold Prediction for NCSoft

  1. Thank you for the link.

    I also have zero interest in Wildstar and wonder how it is going to stand up after so long under wraps. It just looks so awful in art style terms.

  2. All I heard about WildStar so far was that they are supposed to have cool housing. Well, housing. Not enough infomaiton to know whether it’ll be cool or not. That’s not enough for me to decide what to think of the game yet. I’ll just sit back and see. No bated breath, though.

    Greetings from an only remotele interesting technical session in Australia.

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