…And then I found myself on the Final Frontier

Space.  Old Space.  And I have loved every minute of it.


Space is bigger than I remembered it.


I’m becoming more and more convinced that MMO’s life cycle requires a dose of “aging” much like wine or cheddar cheese.  If so, perhaps we can hope the whining over TOR will, in the end, benefit it.  I certainly hope so, since I’ve poured out my fair share of it.


We come in peace (Shoot to kill)


Until then, yes, even with the casual fun that is Guild Wars 2 and the World of Tanks (.)8.0 public test, I’m spending every free moment of game time in Star Trek Online.  I even went and joined a Fleet.  The biggest and best I could, so that I would have plenty of people to play with.   Because playing with friends is fun.



2 thoughts on “…And then I found myself on the Final Frontier

    1. That’s partly from this, I admit, but partly because I was out of the gaming scene for most of last week while traveling, prepping, and then standing up front with my brother as he got married. I have been meaning to ask though – do the KoM have forums somewhere – should I just join the old TOR ones? I feel out of the loop over there and I hate that.

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