QFT: Marriage and MMO’s

From The Ancient Gaming Noob, about how gaming works when you are married:


Look, I play MMOs.  Anything with a pause button is like ice cream and cake in my marriage.


So true.  True story from me:  my wife once complained about seeing a line on our credit card for a new computer game I had bought.  After the initial “I can’t believe you spent money on another stupid game” lecture,  I said “But honey, it has a pause button.”  And she said “Oh!”  And that was the end of the discussion.

One thought on “QFT: Marriage and MMO’s

  1. My wife, who reads my blog daily, asked “What do you mean ‘ice cream and cake’ here in this post?” Computer games are never ‘ice cream and cake’ in her general view.

    So I explained the “just a minute, I’m in the middle of something” vs. “sure thing honey” responses, and she said, “Oh, that. Yes.”

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