GW2 I Have Not Forgotten Thee

But I have had a heck of a time a) finding time to play and b) deciding on a character class.


You may remember that I am playing STO incessantly – but that’s rather easy with my schedule.  Even on busy nights (there’s been a lot of those lately) I can log on at 9 or 10pm and crank out an hour of dailies and duty officer assignments on STO, or just que up for a scenario for some extra Fleet Marks.  But for me, GW2 has not been a game to just drop into for an hour.  When I want to play GW2 I want to settle in and enjoy the scenario, have enough time to travel and check off some of those points of interest and what I have come to call “Helping Hearts” (The gold ones…you know what I’m talking about).


And I also have a hard time deciding what to play.  Some nights I feel Necromancer-ish.  Some nights I’m loving my Thief.  My two initial (and highest level) characters, a Ranger and a Mesmer are really two of my least favorite at this point.  The Mesmer’s disturbingly low DPS and utter squishability has me very distressed, because I thought that was me all the way.  And I was running the Ranger solo (and still am) – but its not quite as satisfying as I thought it would be.  So right now I’m mostly playing catch up, trying to get another character where the first two were so that my brother and I can take up arms together again.


Chat clipped because wedding planning details are boring.


The Mesmer has been the real sore spot.  I just cannot figure out how to play one effectively in a group setting.  Solo I just roll out a ton of illusions and stand off with my great sword and damange mantra.  But in group play I’m lucky to get one illusion out before a target goes belly up, and controlling them is a pointless endeavor on such a short window.   Some of the weapon skills are just wonky too.  I saw a player with a scepter/sword combo the other day.  I have no idea why that would be effective – 2 of your 5 weapons skills are used for blocking at that point.  And your only utility dps can only be used twice before it needs recharging, and it hits for so little, it doesn’t seem worth it.


I tried to figure out a trait line to make it a little better, and I did.  So let me pause at this point and deeply, highly recommend this site to you.  It is the best, most useful skill/trait calculator out there, as far as I have seen.  Using it put me in the drivers seat to letting me make the Mesmer viable and helping me choose what class would be “best” for me.  So far its a toss up between the Thief, Necro, and Ranger.  The Ranger I think I will keep as my solo fun toon (the Wild Boar’s Forage skill…so much fun), so the other two are on tap to be my new group main at some point.   I have yet to really try the Warrior, Guardian, or Engineer.  The Engineer I’m not really keen on – looks cool, but I’m just not sure its for me.  The Guardian looks fun, but my brother is running one so if I do one it will be another solo toon – and I like the Ranger too much for that.  Warrior – well, that would be something different for me, I may have to try that at some point.   That leaves the Elementalist of course, but there’s just too many choices there.  I know that’s a good problem to have usually, but I cannot puzzle out a build that would give me everything I want out of the character, so I’m setting it aside for now.


All in all – it’s a little weird to have alt-itis after the last couple of games (TSW, STO) pretty much nipped that in the bud!

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  1. I’ve had a hard time figuring out effective skills/strategies for almost every profession. Mostly It’s a resounding adequacy. Granted, other than sPvP (which can be fun for gauging effectiveness at 80) I only have two classes past 20. Ironically, it’s my sixth (paid-for) slot, a Thief, that I am having the most fun with. I need to check out that link to the skill/trait calculator.

    1. Thief has been my “most fun” class lately as well. I think because the class strategies are clear cut with the given weapons – fully ranged (dual pistol or shortbow), ranged then close combat (pistol/dagger), close combat then kite to range (dagger/pistol), and close combat (double dagger or sword/dagger). Very few of the classes are that clear cut in their skill usage patterns.

      I think my highest right now is 16 or 17.

      1. I’ve now taken my Engineer almost to 50 with my bride on Ranger. I dumped Turrets for the most part, sticking with flamethrower and grenade kit. I just acquired elixir gun over the weekend, and it is fun, too. The turrets run into similar problems as the Shaman’s totems in WoW, they are stationary. The kits allow me to be much more mobile without having to worry where I left my stuff Add a trait or two that cater to kit use, and I’m finally having a lot of fun with the engineer.

      2. Shammy was my fav in WoW, I didn’t mind the stationary aspect. I can’t quite get into the tech level of Engineers in GW2, so I have passed on them for now. Though the swiss knife/utility role is the one I adore the most in MMO’s.

    1. Heya! I thought long and hard about it Rob! I’ve even toyed with the idea of moving servers and dropped by the website a few times. But…GW2 is far from my first game choice right now. I’m logging in perhaps once every other week and playing a couple of hours with those logins. I just didn’t think it would be fair to the rest of the LION to be active in the forums (as you know I would be!) and yet rarely be seen in game.

      However, if that is not as much of an issue as I have thought it might be, and there are positions open, please let me know. (-:

      1. The commitment I want is similar to Beskar, ie: regular forum activity, so that you’re known, and part of the community. Actual game time? Not as important. So it’s up to you whether you want to be part of a community on a regular basis… quite a few ex-Beskar people… lots more “new people”, but very, very nice people, who fit right in. You know me, I create very compatible groups.

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