Fishers Aren’t Even Trying Anymore

I got this email today:


Greetings !

Prepare for Pandaria with 7 days of FREE game time for your account, and try out the latest updates to World of Warcraft! Simply click below to claim your time… but act fast, as this offer will expire on October 25.

The latest patch (5.0.4) sets the stage for Mists of Pandaria? before it arrives on September 25, and includes a number of new features and improvements to help you get ready for the new expansion:

Goblin and Worgen – Play as a shape-changing worgen or a cunning goblin, and adventure through their unique starting zones and quests… even if you don’t haveCataclysm?.

New Talent System – Perfect your characters skills and abilities with the new simplified talent system focused on unique abilities and spells.

Account Wide Achievements, Pets, and Mounts – Track accomplishments across all of your characters, and travel with your favorite companion no matter which character you’re playing.

And much more…

We look forward to seeing you on the fields of battle.

– The World of Warcraft Team


The email came from a random Yahoo account and the link…well, it wasn’t any more convincing than the sender box.  So…yeah, I totally need to get those 7 free days of WoW before Mists of Pandaria hits last month.


One thought on “Fishers Aren’t Even Trying Anymore

  1. It’s almost spotless english though, something that can’t be said of most fishing mails. So sad, they seemingly invested so much work, just to completely botch it on the link and website, it seems. Poor, poor fishers.

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