3 thoughts on “Internet Spaceships

  1. Aren’t those internet starships? It was, after all, the voyages of the Starship Enterprise which got that started.

    Nice pics though. Can you take screen shots in battle yet that do not show your ships shields and such?

  2. Hmm, good point! But then, Internet Starships doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it. (-;

    On screenshots: I do not believe so, but then, I played solo for so long there are many little tricks I’ve yet to learn. I just figured out how to do screenshots with the UI a few weeks ago with a little help from my fleet. I do know that if the shields aren’t taking damage they won’t show. The one battle shot in there is a good example. The green effects ring is from a Borg Assimilating/Boarding Party, but as I was not taking active shield damage, no ugly blue/yellow/red rings were showing.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. That’s one thing Cryptic managed to hit out of the ball park, the space scenes and ships are phenominal (assuming you have a half decent machine).

    @Wilhelm if you’re referring to the shield rings and other AR features, yes I believe those can be turned off in the settings. The actual shield special effects (the egg), no; but those are part of the look-and-feel of the TNG+ era shows and movies.

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