Interesting World of Tanks Poll

I follow Overlord’s blog, and have for some time.   I appreciate the semi-official nature of it and his responsiveness and willingness to interact with the players.  I believe this is one of the reasons I have enjoyed the game as much as I do.  Often times a friend or someone in a match will say: “I’m wondering about x” or “I wish they would fix y” and I’ve been able to say “Yeah, there is some new news on that” – news not buried in a post on the official forums or whispered about by those invariably few players who have befriended the developers and CSM’s personally.

One of the things he does is put up occasional polls about the game or our gripes.  I’m not sure what, if anything is done with the results, but they always provide some interesting insight into the playerbase.   The most recent one asked us to vote on what the most annoying problem in World of Tanks is.   Here are the results:

0 damage hits            786 (32%)
Arty parties              636 (26%)
No skill-based matchmaking        220 (9%)
Lack of tactics in random        181 (7%)
Visibility / spotting system        168 (7%)
25% randomisation roll        121 (5%)
Insufficient optimization and bugs    116 (4%)
Ramming / TK damage system    30 (1%)
Lack of tactics in random        181 (7%)
lack of game modes        93 (3%)
smth else             40 (1%)

Votes so far: 2391

Personally I voted for the spotting system, which bizarrely makes tanks that you already have eyes on disappear from your screen, and occasionally allows some tanks to go four or five shots at point blank range without being detected.

The top two are concerns, but not as much for me anymore.   “Arty parties” – 3 or more SPG’s on each side, actually change the dynamics of a match enough that I would almost consider it another game mode because of the stalking and positioning battles that occur.   Its like the difference between playing a 3rd person adventure game like Tomb Raider and a 3rd person stealth game like MGS.   Zero damage hits occur – but not as much as I had originally assumed.  Many of those shots are actually being absorbed by spaced armor.  However the bug persists (the theory is that there is a glitch that occurs sometimes when a component, like a driver or engine, makes a saving throw, and that rather than passing the damage into the HP pool, the process artificially terminates), and I have witnessed it personally (and seen the video replay evidence), so Wargaming denying that it exists is rather hollow.  It persists – but very rarely once you take other factors into account.  In this its as much like one bug as another.

The third and fourth biggest on the list (no skill-based matchmaking and lack of tactics) actually go hand in hand.  I would not mind seeing them implemented, but I think what players forget is that even the best WoT players argue over one of about four complex methods for determining player skill.  If we can’t decide what makes a player good – how is Wargaming supposed to program that into the matchmaker?

Ultimately, if skill level turns you off, it may be time to get into more organized play – tank companies or even Clan Wars.  And really that is where Wargaming is starting to look next to expand and improve the game.

As for me, I’ll keep rolling, annoying spotting breakdowns or not.  The game is still fun, and there are still a few things I want…

We won't go until we get some, we won't go until we get some...
We won’t go until we get some, we won’t go until we get some…