The New Online Dating RPG…

I was on Facebook today and saw an advert for what looked to be a Facebook RPG game that was a little more…complicated (read: interesting) than the standard Facebook casual game fare, that rests mostly on your still in Bugging Friends with a specialization in Multi-Level Marketing.

So I clicked the link for Wings of Destiny (A NEW FACEBOOK RPG! – read the tagline) with a picture of a full on character screen with what appeared to be stats and inventory (which is what got my attention in the first place).    After clicking “no” to the inevitable – “O hi guyz, can we has your information?” question, I was taken to the game’s main page.  Where I saw this:



Yes..fight hordes of demons, use your vast powers for good, find you soul mate!  I tell you, its only a matter of time before we see MATCH.COM: THE RPG in development.  Probably by SOE.  Those guys will try anything once.

6 thoughts on “The New Online Dating RPG…

  1. I have found and maintained relationships with friends I hadn’t seen or been able to find in over decade with Facebook. And they have never charged me a dime for that. So if they want to advert crummy games, they get a great deal of leeway from me.

  2. That’s cool. I discovered fairly quickly that I had little in common with old high school buddies, etc., after that initial “hooray!” of reconnecting. I only maintain an account now for family.

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