If You Play WoT Long Enough…

Stories like this grab your attention much faster..




…and cause a bigger letdown once you click through than they do for the average person.


In other news, if you have already played WoT long enough…your reward nears.   I voted for the first design, but the second has been a runaway (tread-away?) favorite.  I can live with it.




And in other, other news, if you haven’t been playing WoT long enough, its about to get a little easier to get to the top, with the new Chinese lines, coming in 8.3.


Thought its hard to tell from here (click to enlarge, shot also brightened to make it easier to read)…



…the Chinese line actually shares *a lot* of components among itself.  Often in lines you will fine, the occasional radio or gun that transfers to other vehicles.  In the Chinese line though, for example, if you have already been working the heavy and then open up the medium, when you get to tier 9, you will find that you already have the top gun, radio, and engine all unlocked.  Which means its a straight shot to tier 10.  Which means not only is the cost less than other medium lines (180k instead of 200k or so), you will have an easier time grinding that out because you won’t start behind the curve in a stock tank.  If you are just getting into the game – like the new players on the SEA (SouthEast Asia) server are, this will help you catch up a little quicker…provided you are okay driving Chinese hardware.

Which…I am.  The Chinese lines are very similar to their Russian counterparts, which are all around good tanks for any player.