Kickstarter Updates: Successes, Failures, and Cards

First up, if you supported Anima: Gate of Memories, thank you!  They cleared their goal, hit a stretch goal, and continue to push with a PayPal account set up through their website.  While I don’t know if they will hit it or not…the $300,000 stretch goal includes co-op play.  Who doesn’t love that?  (Incidentally, there have been some technical problems with the website the last couple of days, so if its down, fear not).




Secondly, with a late surge, there was a victory for sandbox MMORPG fans when Pathfinder met their $1,000,000 goal as well.  I did not pledge there – mostly because I thought it was a pretty poorly run campaign that suffered from developer neglect (no contact or updates in the last 72 hours of the project…um…), as well as stilted investment levels that actually penalized late investors.  Early bird rewards are one thing…giving players who pledge in the first week 6-7 times the number of goodies as late adopters is a bit much.


If you are looking for other good projects to invest in, let me suggest two for more traditional PnP RPG players and one for CRPG players.



  • If you are an old school RPG guy, Ken St. Andre and the Buffalo crew are saddling up for a final ride:  Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.  The project is already funded and blowing away stretch goals left and right.  Get in for as little as $14, or dig deep to get sweet rewards like a character portrait done by legendary Liz Danforth herself.



  • Chaotic Shiny, who creates free random generators for RPGs, and whose generators I’ve put to good use before here, is working on her first non-digital product – a deck of cards that doubles as a visual random tavern generator.  That’s…really cool.   Decks are $11 or $13 depending on how quickly you get over there.


  • If you are a fan of old school CRPG’s like the original Final Fantasy, but wish they would be updated for the modern day…boy do I have a treat for you.  Project BC, who has gotten several small indie RPG’s out the door right now, is working on something really neat.   Its hard to explain, but go to their kickstarter page, and read the updates and information on how this game will be what we all know and love – but with a twist that makes it even better.  Vacant Sky:  Awakening.  $10 gets you the finished game and (assuming they raise another ~$250 or so, which they easily will) a bonus story involving one of the main characters.

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Updates: Successes, Failures, and Cards

  1. I was going to bring up the T&T Kickstarter, because I played it (1979 5th edition rule book is on my shelf), because it is another nostalgia project, and because it represents a new trend where you are funding a project but not buying the item. In glancing down the various donation levels, they seem to be giving away all sorts of goodies, but in the end it looks like they also want you to go out and buy the product as well when it is done. Did I miss the funding level that said “Gets you the full Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls set?”

    This is in comparison to the Steve Jackson Games Ultimate O.G.R.E. set, the key point to which was to line up buyer for the actual end product.

  2. The $14 level gets you a PDF of the finished product (also included in the $20 and $23 versions), along with some of the adventures they are remaking as stretch goals – which I believe are going to any level that gives you PDF, softcover, or hardcover.

    The $28 level gets you the PDF and a sofcover cover, which, because of the stretch goals, will also include a facsimile of the original 1st edition copy that Ken has held onto all these years (I assume with his notes and such in it).

    Oddly enough, the $35 level drops you back down to the PDF with some “swag”.

    The $50 level is the cheapest hardcover entry. $250 will get you the limited edition version, of which only enough copies will be made for each of the purchasers at that level, plus one for each of the original Fellowship of the Troll crew. it will be numbered and autographed.

    Outside of that, if your chosen reward level *doesn’t* include a copy, you can add a softcover for $25, a hardcover for $50, or upgrade your soft to a hard for $32.

    I admit, its a pretty convoluted one, with lots of reward levels. I’m sweating a bit wondering if they will be able to sort it all out and deliver on some of this stuff at the end. I toyed with getting a portrait done, but instead it looks like I will go with the cheapest softcover, because I want that 1st edition business *bad*.

    T&T was my very first fantasy RPG back in the day (I still have the book somewhere – I think it was one of the early 5th edition printings), and I have the 30th anniversary edition too (which incorporates some great changes). I may even have a copy of my very first dungeon…if I can dig it out, I am putting up a scan of it pronto, lol. What sealed my love of it (and skewed me for life against many RPG’s and speciically 4th edition DnD) was that you could play it without all that blasted graphing paper and calculating range and movement nonsense.

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