2 comments on “Druids and Reindeer and Telon, Oh My.

  1. Started playing Vanguard a couple weeks ago and have been pretty pleased to the point where I’m considering the membership option. I think what I find most attractive about the game is the low population and low competition. I’m playing through with a friend and we rarely come across other players competing for quest items. With that said, there’s still an economy, making gold generation through the auction house possible. I know it’s been a while since you’ve posted this, but if you’re ever looking to run around, let me know. Playing as Enots and Eenots.

    • I gave up because of the pacing, but I still have the 30 day card I bought and never used lying around somewhere. Maybe I will hop in and join you. Druids are even more fun in groups with their healing/dps/utility combo.

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