3 comments on “Invisible Tanks and Other Frustrations

    • I understand – that was one of my issues with TSW. In this case though, I’m not sure it is a driver issue. It appears that the problem is not 100% with everyone running particular drivers and cards. You can have card x and driver y and persona A will have crashed and person B won’t. Likewise person C with card x and driver z may or may not have issues. So I think its more complex. What is maddening though is that WoT just announced a joint promotion with Nvidia for tankers to go buy their video cards, including models known to have issues, when said issues have not been corrected. Why in the world would you invite problems like that? With with Nvidia to fix the bug, *then* do a promo.

      • Agreed. Game companies can’t anticipate every video issue, but when a known issue with a popular card, it’s in their best interest to solve it, not tell everyone to roll back their drivers 3 versions.

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