Invisible Tanks and Other Frustrations

So, while some people had a great weekend with the experience multiplier in place, me…not so much.  I lost around 20 points off my efficiency rating and twice had to simply quit the game and go find something else to do.   I think my win rate over the weekend was at 40% or below.


And even my good matches were a bit on the frustrating side.  Case in point:


Warriors...come out and playay!  ::tinkle tinkle tinkle::
Warriors…come out and playay! ::tinkle tinkle tinkle::


Yea, that’s right, there are three of us staring at the capture zone (my sight mod called the range as 212m when the tank finally did pop into sight, a half a minute after this), and I don’t know about the other two, but I have a maxed out crew.  I assume given their stat lines they probably did too.


Also notice that the enemy TD to the north has just popped up.  Riddle me that.   A camouflaged TD, in the woods, fires a shot into the back of a TD racing full speed away from him, from around 280m, and gets spotted.   Three of us, stationary, facing the target, doing nothing but looking for an extended period of time, and we can see nothing.


Now, I think I get how spotting mechanics work.  At that range, we should have had three separate checks rolling (one for each of our tanks) each second.  If he had everything maxed out and a camo net to boot, we probably had, at worst, an 8 or so % chance of succeeding on those checks.  Now its been a long time since I’ve done statistics, but I think at some point we should have “gotten lucky” (like we clearly did with the TD).  Long story short, since it was an encounter battle, we had some time, so we shuffled positions to get closer and someone (finally) landed a successful check.


Really though, the mechanics do work in a fairly realistic way.  The only true shortcoming is that the coefficient for camouflage only hinges on the variables of moving and firing.  If an enemy stops moving and firing, even if they are out in the open, even if they have been visible for a long period of time, if they are far enough away (dependent on their crew and equipment), its entirely possible for them to disappear.  And *that* is what will drive tankers wild.  And that is entirely possible within the game mechanics.


The other frustration actually has a solution as of this morning – at least in theory.  Some players have had issues with NVIDIA graphics cards causing the game to crash.  Sometimes every match.   Sometimes multiple times a match.  It has made the game unplayable for me on my beast of a desktop, which is why the screenshot above looks a bit natty.  Drivers are usually the issue here, but we’ve all updated numerous times, putting in tons of support tickets, starting raging threads in the support forum, only to get occasional minor acknowledgement that there might be an issue.


And then today, buried in the announcement about the public test server for 8.4, is this fine little nugget:


Important! NVIDIA video card dirver versions 310.70 & 310.90 may cause client crashes & FPS drop-downs. It is recommended to use driver version 306.97.


Well thank you Wargaming.  That only took since update 7.5 to tease out of you.  Granted, I am taking this with a box of salt.  Some of the individuals troubleshooting on the forums have worked so many driver attempts its maddening.  So to think that this will solve the issue entirely is a bit optimistic.  Still, its a move in the right direction, and we don’t always get those from game companies.   So I’ll take them where I can get them.


3 thoughts on “Invisible Tanks and Other Frustrations

    1. I understand – that was one of my issues with TSW. In this case though, I’m not sure it is a driver issue. It appears that the problem is not 100% with everyone running particular drivers and cards. You can have card x and driver y and persona A will have crashed and person B won’t. Likewise person C with card x and driver z may or may not have issues. So I think its more complex. What is maddening though is that WoT just announced a joint promotion with Nvidia for tankers to go buy their video cards, including models known to have issues, when said issues have not been corrected. Why in the world would you invite problems like that? With with Nvidia to fix the bug, *then* do a promo.

      1. Agreed. Game companies can’t anticipate every video issue, but when a known issue with a popular card, it’s in their best interest to solve it, not tell everyone to roll back their drivers 3 versions.

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