I Am Evolved

So while I was out of town last week, a package arrived with my name on it.  And inside was the shirt that certifies me as evolved – and as a tier 10 tanker.


Who has one thumb up and is wearing the Evolved t-shirt?  This guy...
Who has one thumb up and is wearing the Evolved t-shirt? This guy…


The shirt is great.  It wasn’t my first pick, design-wise, but I admit it looks good.  And the material itself is relaxed and feels good.  You can’t see it from there, but on the back just under the collar is “World of Tanks Roll Out” in the usual logo/font.  And the timing of the arrival is great as well.   WoT is one of the few games I can play when I’m on the road, and it just so happened that it helped fill my evenings and one sleepless night last week.    So you can scratch one more off my tier 10 garage list:


"Where does the driver sit?" you might ask.  And that would be a good question.
“Where does the driver sit?” you might ask. And that would be a good question.


As you can see, I decided I had a pretty soft spot in my heart (and sweet spot on the trigger) with the T30, so I held onto it, taking the effort to grind out the extra two million credits I would have otherwise gotten by selling it off.   The E4 has a smaller crew, so one of the team will be staying on the T30, while I will probably move over the 100%/1st Skill enabled crew from one of my three Shermans (M4, M4A2E4, and M4A3E8) to ensure that it at least continues to have a decent camo level and access to Sixth Sense (which seems critical to TD usage at high levels).


Next on deck is to…grind out more credits.  I am skipping the KV-4 (to the tune of 166,000 free xp, about 2/3 of what I have accumulated), and I already sold the KV-3 (which I’m kicking myself for, I really enjoyed it), so I need about three and a half million for that.   I’ve coughed up about a million of that so far, mostly of a nice run with the T34.


After that…well, I have not played my T62A or my T100E4 at all yet.  I have the crews at 100% – but I am missing the modules.   At lower tiers, I don’t usually bother.  But some of those are too important to ignore on top tier vehicles and matches.  Its a safe bet that every tier 10 out there has a gun rammer on it if nothing else, meaning that everyone is shooting 10% faster than you are.  Not a good thing.  And you can see that reflected in my pre swap-over tier 10 T30/ post swap-over T110E5 stats – they are well below the rest of my averages.  I’m determined to do better with my other tier 10’s, and this means being prepared.  The cost will run somewhere between 700k and 1.8m depending on the tank (I intend to gear up my tier 8 premiums as well), but I think it will be money well invested.  And will give me something to work towards as I blow through matches in the IS-3 and ST-1.


2 thoughts on “I Am Evolved

  1. Nice shirt, how much did it set you back? I wish there were more embroidered-logo polos (something I can where to the office) on the market.

    1. Actually, it was free. Wargaming had a promotion and basically, if you had a top tier tank in your garage and played at least 5 battles with it during a certain time period (two months or so), you were eligible for this free t-shirt. Kind of a “thank you” for dedicated players. Contrast that with how Bioware did there thank you how long they gave you to get to level 50, lol.

      I know what you mean about the polo’s. Most of my work day dress is casual enough that so long as it had a collar, I could wear it fairly regularly.

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