Cleaning Out The Garage

So, having determined that I want to spend some time in EVE, and with my brother and his lovely bride getting the itch to start our little triumvirate again, only this time through the lands of Middle Earth, I decided it was time to wrap up a few grinding and leveling projects in World of Tanks.


You see, right now World of Tanks is my main “MMO.”  I play STO once a week or so, same with Vanguard (and my Vanguard enthusiasm is waning – more on that later).  But almost all my time is spent on tanks.  So I’ve expanded the list of lines I’ve been working on.  In my more casual days, I would be working on leveling two lines at once.  These days its rare that I’m working on less than five.  So I’ve got to cut it down.  Fortunately, I’m close to a stopping point.



I’m currently working on five tanks.   My two favorites are probably the IS-3 and the Comet.  Both are very different playstyles, but are enjoyable.  I also have a long way to go on both.  So I set them to “reserve” status.  I still run my premiums at least once a night as I save cash towards my ST-1 (still 2m shy), and will do that when I have time.  So that left three tanks in my “primary” area.




Fortunately, all are pretty close to done, and for two of them I have no further plans at the moment.


M26 Pershing – 18,000 XP left to go

The Pershing has been a great tank.  It is a medium tanks player’s medium tank.  Everything you want in a blend of mobility, firepower, and toughness.  I hold my mastery badge for it, and I do fairly well in terms of XP/dmg/kills in it, though my win rate is only average.  The pause here is more resource oriented.  I would eventually like to cap out the line, because I am a big fan of the M48 Patton.  However, the tier 9 tank between here and there, the M46 Patton, is one that is very underpowered at stock.  And to upgrade it, you need 50k XP for the gun.   And to put the gun on you need ~25k  XP for the upgraded suspension….and so on.   In other words, not only will I need *another* 3.5m credits to buy the next tank, I’ll probably need another 100k or so free XP to grab all the upgrades I want right out of the gate.   Its doable, but its back burner.   So I’ll wrap this one up (I can hopefully finish this one off by end of the weekend, especially with the just announced x3 bonuses we have for that time period.   And I can come back later down the road.


VK3002(DB) – 15,000 XP left to go

The VK is a long time favorite of mine.  I think that (in game at least) it is superior to the vaunted Panther in every respect.  It is fast, has better angled armor, and mounts the virtually the same weaponry.  So when I got it last year, I used it to unlock both the Panther (since untouched) and the Tiger (which I also kept).   However, the word on the street is that this tank will unlock the much anticipated second German medium line, which will terminate in the Leopard 1 or at leas the Leopard prototype.   Generally the jump from tier 7 to tier 8 on medium tanks is somewhere between 80k and 100k.   So my goal was to grind this one up to at least 80k, so that when that second line makes an appearance later this year (Summer is the current word), I will be able to hop into it fairly quickly.   I had some trouble grinding this one until I switched back over to the 75L70 gun, instead of the “upgrade” which is the short barrel 88.  Its a playstyle thing, but I prefer the higher rate of fire, better accuracy, and stronger penetration of the 75.  Since I have done that, I have seen my average damage per match go from 500-800 to 1500+.   So, the grind here got a lot easier, and I should have it done over the weekend as well.


SU-100 – 25,00 XP left to go

I’m not a big fan of this tank destroyer.  But I am a fan of where the second USSR TD line goes after this tank.  Mobile TD’s with accurate, fast firing guns.  So this one is slow going.  Particularly since the gun upgrades on this tank are less than exciting for someone headed to the second tree.  I could unlock the upgrades, but it will double the XP and time needed to finish this guy up and buy me nothing later on down the line.  I may grind this one as far as I can this weekend and then either shelve it or use a (hopefully) small amount of free XP to finish it off.  It will mean delayed gratification, because I don’t really want to start the good part of the line when I won’t have time to really enjoy it, but overall its a small price.  And as soon as I do finish one of the others (IS-3 probably) I can always rotate it in.


So that will leave me with a fairly clean garage for dailies.  I can just run IS-3, Comet, and premium until I get the cash for my ST-1, when I can swap it into rotation for the premium.   After that, who knows.