Craving Elephant

This is my problem with World of Tanks.  It indulges my alt-itis in ways that other MMO’s could only dream of.


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So I’m reading my RSS feed finds here at lunch, and Overlord puts up another of his interesting archive posts, this time a letter about the Ferdinant/Elephant Tank Destroyer.  Someone in the comments asks if any of them were ever beaten head on.


Which leads my memory banks to an episode of Tank Overhaul where they restored one of the two surviving (there were only 90 originally) models.   That one had been taken out by a very lucky or very skilled Sherman (or M-10) hit to the drive sprocket, forcing its abandonment.   But of course in looking for that video just now….and in watching them talk about the behemoth…I want one.


Tank Destroyers were something I was not initially interested in within the game.   As you can see from the stats above, I am mostly a medium tank kinda guy.  I prefer balance and utility, hit and run, tactical superiority, and all that jazz.  But in the last thousand battles or so its become more of an interest for me.  I’ve tried the French, German, and US lines.  But, Eerly tier TD’s are – well, they are difficult.  At low tiers, penetration and rate of fire, two of the strenghts of most tank destroyers, are something common to all tanks.  So you are left with thin armor and, often, poor mobility.   And at tier six, I think tank destroyers are almost universally underpowered.  The lone exception may be the upgraded ARL 39, which boasts an impressive gun.   So really its not until end game that things get good.  And I didn’t know that until I started tinkering around with the T30.


And it turns out, so long as I’m not playing French Tank Destroyer’s, I’m actually not bad with them.  Though there is apparently a trick to the SU-100 that I haven’t learned yet, because I’m lagging behind there.


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So even while I continue to grind the SU-100 with less and less enthusiasm, I’m looking ahead to how I can work a Ferdi into my already tight gaming schedule…


Hopefully it won’t look like this when I’m done with it either.

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