The Bridge is Getting Crowded

Okay, not so much like that.    More like this:


As you can see, I have something of a plethora of bridge officer candidates.  What can I say, I have have a hard time saying “no” to virtual applicants.


I could sell off the extra ones – but they are worth so little, and there are so many of them on the exchange, I’m not sure its worth the time it would take to list them.  But then again, inventory space is always at a premium for a pack rat like myself!


The other option is, of course, upgrades.  Because the officers are so cheap, laying ahold of one to train the “rare” mark II or III version of a skill is relatively simple.  Not to mention that if you have a buddy who can train that skill as a player character, they can train the bridge officer and then trade them right back to you!  No, the real reason to upgrade is the passive attributes, which are greater at each level.


Even then – I’m not sold.   After all, for the best efficiency, you need an entirely Saurian/Borg/Human bridge crew (only these three races grant passive bonuses to space combat), and a ground crew that is all but those three races – usually with nothing but Betazoid Science officers.  And I’m just not into that.  Not only am I a big fan of Jacques Ellul (who famously noted that Efficiency is currently humanity’s true god), but I’m a roleplayer.  I’m not here for the stats, people.


Long story short though, it is pretty sad.   Here is what I currently have in my slots vs. what is available…



1 x Purple, 1 x Green, 1 x White     vs.     5 x Blue


1 x Blue, 1 x White     vs.     2 x Purple, 5 x Blue


1 x Purple, 1 x Green, 1 x White     vs.     2 x Purple, 7 x Blue

Given that without spending Zen, you get a standard of 10 officers, with the ability to purchase new slots at $1.25 a pop, up to maximum of 54, according to the wiki.    Which I’m not keen on doing.


So, the TL:DR of all this is simple.   I have to be willing to say goodbye to some old friends if I want to upgrade.  As a roleplayer, and a pack rat, that’s a double whammy.   How do I give up the science officer I started with 45 levels ago, who has been with me through thick and thin and still functions just fine!


I probably need to just put my big boy pants on and fire some peeps.   Because I’m betting other players don’t have this issues like this…


Nor, I’m betting, did Captain Picard.

6 thoughts on “The Bridge is Getting Crowded

  1. LOL awesome bridge shot. I love putting punny pictures in my own posts.

    If you’ve seen my STO Crews page, you know how attached I am to them. I decided the only way I could “replace” them would be to find purple BOffs that matched races so I could “clone” my original sets and pretend they were the same old crew members, which turned out to be bizarrely difficult. I could not for the life me ever find a purple female Andorian to be my high level “Tarah”—in the Exchange or anywhere else.

  2. @rowan – I’ve heard there is a way to take the saved costume arrangements from a Boff or PC and use them on another Boff or PC, but I can’t remember where I saw the article at. But yes, it is difficult to find purples in particular, which are the only one’s that sell well.

    Now, here is an interesting tidbit for you – on the Exchange last night, the lowest price for a female Boff was roughly twice what the cheapest male Boff of the same race was going for. This held true for Alien and Human races, all rarity levels.

    @Ysharros – When you are already smuggling a type eight phaser array, a polaron cannon, and 60 units of contraband, what’s a few bridge officer candidates?

      1. I’m still envious of that page. I love the little vignettes for each of the crew. I can’t find the article I read on moving skins around — unless if does it automatically for you? I hadn’t really tested it all that much.

      2. It’s pretty simple, once you’re on the tailor interface, at least it was. There’s a button to save/back-up the uniform, which includes the physical build, hairstyle, etc. And there’s a load button available, but your choices are limited to saved gender/race “skins” that match the current character—Captain or BOff.

        Oh and they are sharable. Longasc liked to collect the skins of other players’ Captains (they’re saved as gifs, IIRC) and use them for his BOffs. I have a collection of the initial customizations of my characters on Picasa.

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