Bioware Finds Creative New Ways to Lose Business

ETA:  I logged back in this morning, and I can confirm that the character I know for sure I played in February is once again marked inactive.


Six weeks.  That’s all it takes.  And this on an RP server to boot.  Player beware.


I just logged into SWTOR, thinking maybe I would dink around with my agent.  And I discovered that now my level 25 Sorcerer has had his name bumped.  I am no longer entitled to the name I chose for my character, either because of another merger (that I was not informed of) or because perhaps a subscriber decided they wanted it instead.


Screw you Bioware.






I hope you enjoy the money I spend on the Collector’s Edition,  but you’ll need to make it stretch.  Because that is the only money you will ever get from me.


4 thoughts on “Bioware Finds Creative New Ways to Lose Business

  1. Early February. I can’t remember if I specifically played that character in that session, but he was marked “Active” at that time, if that’s what you are angling at.

    And even if he were not – in what MMO ever is a character over halfway through the content stripped of its name unless a server change is involved? Reclaiming names is a process that occurs with unused lower level characters, for the simple fact that you want to do everything you can to leave the door open for a player to return. Given that this is now a F2P title – I would think that would hold just as true, if not more so!

  2. Oh, I totally sympathize with you. It sucks to lose a name you’re attached to and that you feel helps define your character. Too many game developers don’t seem to understand what a character name means to the player.

    Holding names kind of sucks for new players, though, because a name you really like may tied up by some other player who hasn’t logged in for months or even years, and their level-1 placeholder character still has the name you want.

    I’ve been burned by both situations. That’s a major reason I love Cryptic’s @ handles. They distinguish me as a player from my character’s. The idea of unique names for every player character is incompatible with the goal of having millions of players logging into your game. Player ID is one thing, character ID is totally different.

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