WoT Second Anniversary Extravaganza

I was wondering when they would release it and what it would consist of.  And its a doozy.   In summary:


5x Experience gain on first win, all consumables equipment (thanks BlueFletch) and training/retraining 50% off.

Tier 8 premium tanks:  15% discount to purchase

Tier 8 tanks:  %30 credit income increase,  %30 discount to purchase

Tier 7 SPG:  same

Tier 5 medium and heavy tanks: 100% credit income increase

Tier 5 light tanks and SPGs:  50% credit income increase

Gift Shop Packages:   The return of the KV-5 and the Type-62, as well as some hefty discounts (only $85 for a year of premium status)


All this starts at 6:30 AM Pacific time Friday*.   Remember that because of the way the server resets happen in the evening here in North America, if you can skip playing Thursday evening and instead play in the afternoon/day on Friday, that will get you an extra 5x bonus (Friday before reset, Friday, Saturday, Sunday).


* Except the Gift Shop packages, which for some reason start Thursday night (11pm Pacific) and run to Saturday night (11pm Pacific)!

5 thoughts on “WoT Second Anniversary Extravaganza

    1. I’d strongly recommend dumping in the free XP to go ahead and upgrade to the better gun. You can do so without the turret upgrade and it will probably make the grind a good bit easier.

  1. BlueFletch

    The sale is on equipment and training, not consumables and training, unless something has changed…please don’t tell me if it did, that would make 3 consumables weekends in the past 4. I don’t need any more consumables!

    I often play on Friday afternoons, around 4 pm central time, and my bonus is not reset for Friday night. What time are NA server resets?

    1. Woops, I think you are right. I’ll fix that when I get home, formatting posts is hard on my phone. Server resets for me occur at 6pm, and I’m in CST. I generally have Fridays off, so it helps me if I remind my self not to play on Thur nights!

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