If You Want To Dip Your Toes Into Uncharted Waters…

Now is a good time to do so.


Create an account  anytime up until April 15th (or since March 22nd, so I will qualify for this as well!) and you will get a Talisman that will give you a 50% speed boost.   Unlike some MMO’s whose experience or speed boosts are limited only to a small window of time, NetMarble is very generous with their consumable boosts – you get it for a full week.




If you clear a small hurdle, you are eligible for phase two of the rewards:




Okay, not as fun, but this is a crest for your ship, you can use it to decorate.  I assume “Planet” is a translation error.  (-:  You have to reach 10 in all three of the foci – Combat, Trade, and Adventurer,  before April 18th to qualify but even doing the basic tutorial will probably get you to that point.  And that won’t take more than a night, two at most.


Then, one more hurdle will get you the best part:




To get these you only need to get one of the three foci to level 23.  This is not all that hard to do either, I’m pretty sure that’s where I am at now, after completing the intermediate courses of all three schools and taking a couple of standalone contracts (quests).


You won’t be able to use either of these yet though – I think I have maybe 1500 fame *tops* right now.  3,000 might be a realistic number for finishing all the advanced schools.    Ten thousand will probably take awhile though.   But…that’s still a good bit of cash.   I think I have around 300k squirreled away right now, but I have a hefty wishlist that will cut that in half next time I log in.   So 1 million is nothing to sneeze at, even later down the road.   And those Oceanographer outfits?   Well, they ain’t “cool” but the bonuses are great for anyone doing the Adventurer school.   Which is good, because the tutorial prizes for Combat and Trade seem to outstrip the Adventurer ones.




Anyway, no better time than the present to get in and putz around, some nice incentive to do so this weekend!