Day Five: My Workspace

Astute readers will notice that I skipped my favorite in-game item.   I don’t have a picture of it and so I wanted to hold off on it without gumming up the whole series.  Its kinda like my kids year end school testing – if you hit one you don’t know or that is difficult, press on and come back to it at the end!


So, the congregation has outgrown its building, but doesn’t have the money to expand just yet.   So my space doubles as the dump/item collection area/storage space/library/tech lab/youth room.   I’m just telling you that because if you were expecting something professional, you won’t be completely shocked.   Here’s a picture of it on the anniversary of my first five years with the congregation.  Pranksters that they are:




That laptop is my usual gaming computer as well.  I have the new beast of a desktop, but for some reason it glitches out on WoT and beyond that my wife is often working late in the home office or editing her photos.


I generally call this space my study rather than my office.  There’s a framed picture just off the left that explains why I’m not a “professional,” so I don’t merit an office.   Some weeks I occupy that chair for a lot of time, and some weeks I barely warm it.  It all depends on what else is going on.


The congregation is aware that I enjoy gaming (I did a sermon last month around the term “noob” even).  A few of the youth play WoW (all of them do it for the PvP – anecdotal evidence, sure, but evidence none the less!)  and a couple of the adults have played WoT off and on.  The youth won’t let me play console games with them anymore though.  Apparently losing to your pastor in Halo and/or Soulcalibur is embarrassing, so I have been permabanned.


And…you didn’t hear it from me, but…every now and then, when its been a hard day and I’m done, I sneak into the sanctuary and hook my laptop up to the video projector for a match or two of World Of Tanks: Giant Edition.


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  1. Hey nothing wrong with a giant game of WoT. I’ve long wanted to do something like that actually, ever since I first saw someone hook a PS2 to a projector and “BurnOut” on it in 2004.

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