Day Six: Why The Name?

I think I’ve said this over on the “about” page, but its been awhile since I updated that.


Basically, since I wanted space to speak that wouldn’t be awkward in a comment box somewhere, I wanted to bring my thoughts to the table.


At the same time, I started in a period where there was a proliferation of blogs, so what made me special?  Why should I have my own?


The answer to both of those is my name.   Harbinger – herald, bringing my thoughts.   Zero – nothing special, maybe nothing at all.   I bring you my thoughts, which may not be worth anything.


Plus, it sounded cool.


Just for the record, I am not on G+  (so that’s not me) and not on YouTube (so that’s not me either), and I have an underscore on Twitter.    Because no matter how unique a name you think you have come up with, there are always a least a handful of other people out there who also had exactly the same idea.  :-p