Day Eight: My First Blog Post

It was….uh…well, it was on August 13th, 2008.  Rick at /random was the first person to ever post a comment here.


I’m not sure what to say outside of that.   The idea was to dive right in and catch up on the dintzy stuff later.  Nobody wants to read about *you* in the first post.  They want to know about the games.  The other stuff will come in time, even if its all of nearly five years later, lol.


Looking back now its funny to see how my opinions have shifted.   I was hesitant to buy a new game right out of the gate because $40 was expensive.   And keeping up a Station Pass (back then, it was like $25-$30 a month right?) was also expensive.  Last year I bought two games brand new, right out of the gate  (GW2 and TSW), and at times in the last five years, I’ve often had two subs running at the same time.    Right now, as much as I love the Robotech Kickstarter, $90-$130 looks expensive, rather than $40.  Tech has changed too.   My laptop back then had a dual core 1.8 ghz processor and a 32 mb video card.  And, if memory servers, a 40 gb hard drive.  I didn’t have a smart phone.


Some things are the same though.  I still do most of my gaming on the laptop.  I’m still very critical of games when standing at a distance and (maybe too-) willing to forgive faults when I’m actually playing.  And I still wish I had far more time to play than I do.