Zero Damage Bug Proof

This has been a long time argument in the playerbase.   And though I have been told that it has been admitted as a bug, there are still players that continue to deny its existence.  Generally the counter-argument is that you have hit spaced armor, and it is true that this is overwhelmingly the case.  Both because players don’t understand what is considered spaced armor in WoT and don’t understand what tanks have it.


For example, if you shoot a tank’s gun mantlet and get a penetration with hole, but no damage, that’s “spaced armor” – the shot has penetrated the mantlet but not the turret armor behind the mantlet.   Of course, this gets out of hand sometimes too.  For example, the IS3 has storage bins build into the sloped side armor.   Hit one of the compartment covers, and this counts as “spaced armor” and may give you the same zero damage result.    This is also true of the wheels on a tank, which is why some player guides suggest turning your side to the enemy rather than front.  A careless enemy will not aim for the weaker side armor, and there is a decent chance the shell will hit a wheel, “penetrating” but doing no damage.


But the zero damage bug itself is real, and since people in almost every argument demand proof from me, I am making this post as a reference.  Here is the post battle result:




As you can see, I hit the KV-5, and did critical damage, but no hit point damage to it.   This is of course possible with de-tracking (tracks are an “external” module), but in this case, something else is going on, something that players have suspected for awhile.   Here is the actual penetrating hit I scored.




Notice where it is.   No spaced armor, and it is directly where the driver is located.   I had no other penetrating hits on the tank in the match, just a couple of glances off the stronger turret armor before I got popped.   So that has to be the shot that caused the critical damage.   Somehow, I took out the driver, but did no hit point damage:




And that has been the suspicion for awhile.   Somewhere along the code lines there is a bug.   Basically, a shell should do a certain amount of damage to the general health of the tank, and then have a % chance to damage the internal modules, be they crew, or a gas tank, or an ammunition rack or what have you.  But in some cases, it seems that when you hit a tank, and make the % check to damage the module, and you destroy the module outright, the game forgets to credit you the damage to the general health of the tank as well.


This may seem like nothing more than an irritant, but the truth is, it can sometimes swing the outcome of a match.  I have had a tank one on one, whoever-shoots-next-wins situation at the end of the match, and pulled the trigger and had this happen.   And I’ve had matches where I should have been able to  get the kill, which would free me up to move to another flank, or keep them from killing another tank, or so on, in places where it has tipped the balance.


So, for my two cents, this is happening more than it should be, and it is affecting gameplay.   It needs to be fixed pronto, but since its been hanging around for a long time now (a year at least if memory serves) there is no guarantee that it will be removed anytime soon, if at all.


This has been and continues to be my biggest disappointment with the game.    I guess if that’s true it means I love the game overall (which I do), but it also makes this all the more irritating to deal with.