Day Nine: Blog/Website Favorites

Its payback time.   And I mean that in a good way.   Years ago, when I had been blogging for a mere nine months,  I was basically still an invisible presence.  I wasn’t sure if that was normal or not.  And I had taken some time off when my youngest was born, so that didn’t help.   But I basically just posted asking for help – is this normal, should I keep trucking, anybody out there, etc.  Three people commented and encouraged me, and it blew my mind that it was the people from my three favorite blogs at the time.   And they are still right up there.




Ysh writes long winded posts.  And yet, in a bite-sized age, I always devour the wall of text without really realizing how long it is.  That is her talent and one of the reasons I enjoy her writing.   The downside is that her posts probably take a bit longer to prep, so when life is busy, as it is now, we get to see less of her.  If you haven’t encountered her before, its worth taking a peek through the archives and checking out some of her stuff. 



Wilhelm has always possessed a very conversational and everyman tone to his posts, which makes them easy to read and absorb and is also very inviting to conversation.   I think that is the key to his success over the years.  That’s not to say he can’t get feisty in the comments section.  But even then his style is such that you can have a knock down drag out and not feel any real leftover angst the next day.   Now that is a rare talent. 




Kirith knows EVE.   In fact, the two are basically synonymous in my mind.  I have to force myself not to read him, because when I do, invariably I throw $15 more at EVE, spend one frustrating month in game, and unsub again.   EVE should pay him kickbacks or something.    All kidding aside, he is the grandaddy of EVE blogging and well worth a read, even if that’s not a game you play.



Now…about a year after those three, another guy appeared on the scene.   He also has a great conversational style, and is not only an active writer, but as a social presence in the blogging community itself.  Rowan holds the (dubious?) honor of being the person who has commented most on this blog, which is evidence of that social presence.  Good bloggers don’t just create, they also consume, and Rowan always reminds me of that.




What to call him…the Combat Archeologist?  The Adventurer Historian?  The Self-Aware Colony?   The Man of Many Names and None?   AH is the one guy, that, if I had the power, I would tie him to a chair and force him to blog on a regular basis.   He started long ago on the blog known as Warp Core Breach, then branched out after STO struggled, and has recently resumed his blogging adventures. 




Not as well known, Flosch is another one that I wish I could strap to a chair and force to blog.  He has had some ridiculously good posts in his time, including the one that finally pushed me to this series.


Now, apart from that, look to your right.   Every one of those posts is there because they are in my Reader.   I love reading them all.  So go take a look. 




9 thoughts on “Day Nine: Blog/Website Favorites

  1. Oh, that banner choice is my punishement for disagreeing on the encroaching PvP thing, isn’t it?

    I just want to talk about online games I guess. And I remember it is just about games, nothing really serious, just something I enjoy. Oh, and according to all those personality test things I had to take as a middle-manager in the last decade, I fall into the category of people who will actually change their mind as the result of a discussion or argument. Or, if I my mind isn’t changed, I am willing to allow that there is more than one point of view.

    Then again, I tend to like to prod people when I think I know their opinion up front, which can be annoying to some.

    Glad I could help out in your time of blogging doubt way back when.

  2. Actually I just went through your art post with all the banners and was trying to remember what the banner was probably six years ago when I started reading. I couldn’t remember so I just settled for one with the text already imbedded on it (and that didn’t involve fairies from EQ2 ::shudder::). If there is one you would prefer there, I’m more than happy to replace the current one. (-:

    On my good days, I’m very much a live and let live person. On my stressed out days, I can be terribly draconian. I always want more of the former and less of the latter.

    You did me one better by linking to one of my posts the next day. And in both cases, I am very thankful.

  3. OH GOSH, I didn’t realize I had led such a shameful history! I didn’t realize that such a brief and honest summary could be so embarassing. THE HORROR, THE HORROR

    Thanks for putting up with me, guys. As always, you’re a pleasure to read, HZ.

  4. Yep, my posts are long so they take longer to prep. That’s it. It’s good and I’ll go with it!

    Actually my posts come out in a flood when they do come. Blogging was always a vaguely stream-of-gaming-consciousness thing for me; I’m a lit student and absolutely didn’t want it to become an exercise in ‘carefully-prepared writing’, for various reasons.

    Lately though… eh. Life. Not much gaming. Emotional turmoil. Work. Same old stuff everyone else goes through.

    Hrm. I can’t actually explain why I’m not posting much anymore other than that I’m not sure if I have anything new to add to discussions. Which may have more to do with gaming ennui than any real lack of things to say (since that doesn’t really seem to be a problem for me).

    Curses! Stop making me feel like I should be blogging more! You’re like the gadfly on the backside of my Athenian blogging! 😀

    1. I find myself making the same arguments I’ve made a dozen times. Sometimes to the people. Insanity? Maybe, but someone on the internet is wrong, dang it!

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