KV-5 Is Back…AGAIN

Do you believe in life after love?


No…wait.  Do you believe in second chances?  Ones that will make you sing like Cher even though you have a voice like Kermit the Frog?


World of Tanks rolled out some Gift Packages for this Military Parade weekend, with its 5x’s and half-off just about everything.  But they also added a fair number of Gift Shop packages of tier 8’s combined with garage slots for cash direct, rather than gold.   This is actually great, because then I don’t feel like I have to fork over another $50 for the decent cash-for-gold conversion rate.



And that’s a pretty good price for a tier 8 premium, particularly since it includes the garage slot as well.  Needless to say, I’m not passing on this beast again.   Looks like between this and all the Kickstarters, I might as well just throw in the towel on saving money this month.  Oi.


Anyway, great deals, great tanks.  I hope nobody tells them that the real military parades are actually still a couple of weekends away

6 thoughts on “KV-5 Is Back…AGAIN

  1. Not only back – less than $35. $10 less than the other Tier 8 premiums. I kept waiting until they called it a misprint, but it hasn’t happened.

    1. Gold wise it was less too though. 7500 if I remember right, which puts it around the cost of the Super Pershing. And if they are factoring in the 15% discount on the cash cost too, that would explain it. Either way, I’m buyin’. I don’t think I will bring it out this weekend though; there are too many hijinks on weeks like this and it’d be hard to put it to good use. I’ll buy it and stash it away for afterwards…

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  3. Yeah, the KV-5 always cost less than the other Tier VIII heavies. Probably something to do with the fairly weak gun and possibly both the largest and most well-known weakspot in the game affecting its performance somewhat 🙂 It is a great tank to play though.

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