HEX Stretch Goals Made Me Spend…

Less money.




I wanted Knight tier, at $65.   You get this:



Mostly, because I really like the Dwarven Merc, and I really like the Scourge Knight.   I had sent an email last week to the  team, asking if the cards came with their respective equipment.  Well, in a very unhelpful email, I was told that the tiers said when we did or didn’t get the equipment to go with the card.  They don’t.   So, as best I could puzzle out:


1) Since equipment only affects one card (well up to the four copies of that card in your deck, to be precise),


2) And the PvE cards in the Kickstarter are exclusive to the Kickstarter,


3) Therefore, we would be getting the PvE cards equipment.


But with the release of the stretch goals today, I found out I was wrong:



Want the gear from the $65 tier?  Tough monkeys.  If you want it, you are welcome to it, so long as you double your pledge.


No thanks.


Instead, my planned pledge has just decreased, from $65, to $35.   Why?   The $35 Warrior tier now gets an additional card, the Spectral Assassin, and his equipment.   That scratches the itch pretty good for me.


Its weird, I always thought the purpose of stretch goals was  to reward the players, encourage them to spend a little bit more money with “add on” rewards, and find a use for some of that extra money coming in.   This is the first time I’ve seen a Kickstarter effectively say, “eh, we’re fine.  If you want to double your pledge we’ll throw you a bone, otherwise, no thanks.”


Se la vi I suppose.  Sorry about that Crypto.   Guess I’ll put that extra $30 elsewhere.


PS:  I’m also beginning to worry about Crypto’s trustworthiness.  We were told earlier in the comments thread that there was indeed crafting as a part of the game.   Now we are told that one of the stretch goals (at $440k, some distance away still) will be to “add Crafting.”    Um…what?  Does the left hand know not what the right is doing?  Or have we been promising things we can’t deliver all along?


7 thoughts on “HEX Stretch Goals Made Me Spend…

    1. The concepts are sound, and the gameplay videos are very reminiscent of early M:tG. But…some of the nice pretty picture is beginning to fray at the edges.

  1. And why would I play this instead of Blizzard’s upcoming Hearthstone? I dunno, some of the things you’re pointing out about HEX make it seem like just a way to lighten wallets rather than have fun.

    1. For me Ben, there are actual three reasons why. 1) HEX is an RPG, Heathstone is not. I’m not interested in playing one of Blizzard’s nine heroes. I want to play my own. 2) I’m tired of Azeroth and its lore. I’m ready for something new. 3) If I did want to play someone else’ hero in an established lore, why would I choose newcomer Hearthstone over the well established Legends of Norrath, particularly when Sony has seen fit to reward my previous time in their games with free cards?

      That’s not to denigrate Hearthstone itself (or to let HEX off the hook here), it may end up being a great game that does well. But right now, I have to reverse the question – why would I play Hearthstone instead of something else?

      1. Completely fair response.

        I’m not saying that Hearthstone is better than all other digital TCGs. I just think that Hearthstone’s announcement will almost certainly be in agreement with Blizzard’s final release of the game, compared to Cryptozoic’s dodgy handling of HEX even pre-release.

        The concept of HEX is interesting, I’ll say that much. However, I’ve already backed four new games coming out in 2014/2015 (Star Citizen, Planet Explorers, Camelot Unchained, and Limit Theory), so between that and my subscription to Rift and time in Neverwinter, I’m likely booked solid up until 2016. Oh, and Wildstar. Can’t forget Wildstar.

        ….I need longer days.

        Also, with regards to my blog – many of the recent posts are based on tabletop RPGs rather than MMOs (other than a series about Rift). I look forward to your commentary, though!

  2. I’ll second the need for longer days. I don’t mind the tabletop commentary, especially from your perspective. I am definitely in for NaGaDeMon this year!

    Anyway, HEX just took another step backwards, so I think you are right.

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