HEX takes another step backwards…

Are you ready for it?  Here’s the stretch goal “reward” for 540k:




Yea Crypto, I’m sure that’s the reward all your potential audience of Free to Play fans were looking for.   /facepalm


12 thoughts on “HEX takes another step backwards…

    1. It was announced as a complete F2P title with no mention of subscriptions. So, yes, total bait and switch. And to have the wherewithal to announce this as a “reward” feature for potential players pledging *more* money…

  1. This may be more of a subscription *option,* like SWTOR, TSW and others do. Some people prefer to spend a set amount each month and not worry about micro-transactions. How it’s handled is a different question.

    1. Sort of. It gives you booster packs every week at a deep discount to the normal cost. As some backers have already pointed out, this could be disasterous to the game’s economy.

      1. So you pay more upfront to receive deep weekly discounts? I guess that could work; I very much enjoy my stipend in both SWTOR and STO. That said, I’ve paid oddles of money to have those stipends, so I need to be careful about fooling myself into thinking I’ve got the best deal.

  2. Not more upfront, just straight discounts. You pay $4 a month and get a booster pack ($2 normally) every week and and invitation to a subscribers only tournament with unique prizes. So, for $48 a year I get 52 booster packs, a $104 value. And those are not bound to my account, so I can trade or sell them in the store.

    And bear in mind that this is different than the stipend for an MMO in that you are buying new cards. For PvP. What if you could pay real money for gear for PvP in SWTOR or STO?

      1. Yes. It is every bit an MMO with all the things you would expect in that, if you discount the fact that there will be no ambulation. For example, you and I could dual as TCG’s normally allow for, a la Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon. But we can also start a guild, and go on adventures in dungeons or do quests for towns. Each room in the dungeon or point of interest in a quest area is a TCG battle against a variety of AI opponents. Beating an area will unlock a difficult 3 person “raid” against in a TCG boss fight. There is loot and equipment and leveling your character up and all that jazz (6 classes, 8 races). All of that impacts what cards are in your deck, what they do, etc.

        Truly a unique idea.

        ETA: Here’s a link to the article about dungeons and raids. And another about creating a character and hiring mercenary champions to fight in your character’s place.

      2. Well, the good news is its funded and its free! So when it does come out you can always start an account and we can roll a dungeon together to see how you like it. All griping aside, Crypto does a bangup job on game design, and its clear from the gameplay videos that they have gone out of their way to streamline and simplify TCG gameplay in the digital space to draw in new players.

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