So I did some brief calculating.   I’ve only been able to play two of the last fifteen days, and only one of those was a full evening of gaming – the other was just a one hour drop-in on TSW to grind out a bit more of the starting Solomon Island area, which has become very unfun in my third time through it.


And to add insult to injury, I specifically checked last night to see what the weekend special on World of Tanks was that I had missed, thinking that though it was late, I could log in and buy something if anything relevant was on sale.   I didn’t see anything, and then realized today that it was named for the same as one of the ongoing specials (so I didn’t realize there even was a special this weekend – not unusual for them to skip that on the week of a major release, in this case, .8.6).   And that part of that special was the premium tank destroyers were all *half off*.   I had been eyeballing the SU-122-44, but I didn’t want to spend any more money.   But with the half off sale I could have bought it with my remaining gold stock and been none the worse for wear.   Oi.   I’ve really enjoyed that line so far, and having a premium in the line is always great for crew training and grabbing extra credits with a tank style that you enjoy and/or are skilled at.


In any case, I now look to have a meeting tonight, which means yet another night with limited or no gaming.   Same thing Wednesday.   Summers are supposed to be easier, dangit!   Not to mention I have at least one more week of travel left to go.


And I still haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie either.     Somebody take my Gamer/Geek card.  I’m not worthy!

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