Cash Shop Black Hole & the WoT Shopping List

Do our desires have some sort of soft boundary on them?  Particularly when it comes to the cash shop and real currency?


I can’t tell you what a relief it is to grind 600 thousand credits instead of 6 million.   As I shifted a bunch of tanks from Tier 8 to Tier 9, it seemed like I was perpetually grinding cash in the millions to buy new tanks.   But now that I’m done with that, I have some scratch cash available for things like camouflage and equipment.  For those who don’t play WoT, the average match time is around 5 minutes, and the average cash you can clear in a good premium is around 30-35k.


So we are talking about the difference between and hour and a half grind and a grind lasting a week or more.


The feeling is so good, with a sort of immediate gratification vibe, that I started thinking “okay, what else do I absolutely want, lets buy it now and stash it away so I can keep feeling this way.”   Then, along the same lines, I had the bright idea of making a list of things I wanted in the cash shop, and it started to get expensive.



But I realized something as I made that cash shop list.   When I totaled it up, a voice in the back of my head said:  “That’s too much, take something off.”  I did this a couple of times, carefully eliminating things that I felt I wanted less, or were cheap and I could pick up later.   It was an interesting counterpoint to Rowan’s post about gambling and lock boxes.   Rather than feeling and urge to put more money in, I had an urge to spend less.


Is that what happens to for you too?  I figure that unless you are one of those people with a spending problem, you at least prioritize a list, either by what cash you have available or what you are wanting most and willing to save for.


Anyway, for reference, here is my current wish list for WoT:



Indien-Panzer          2,530,000
Type T-34 w/ Upgrades    650,000
Jagdpanzer IV        991,000

Total:          4,171,000   (139 battles)


Exp Conversion*        7,106
FCM 50t            11,900
SU-122-44        6,750

Total:        25,756    ($100+)

As you can see, the credit side of things is not too bad.   Especially since I will probably save the purchase of the Indien-Panzer until my brother’s internet situation gets straightened out (giving me a couple of tier 8’s to roll with him and my dad).


Its the real word money that gives one pause.   If I give up on the FCM, and not convert ALL the experience, I can get buy with a $50.  Even that is a bit steep, but I do have a birthday coming up, so its doable.   Particularly if the premiums go on sale next month in the big Wargaming 15th anniversary party.   But even then, I’m sure for some people, putting down $100 to pull in everything they want isn’t that bad a proposition.  After all, I did that with the Hex Kickstarter just last month!


What about you?  What’s on your shopping list in your games of choice these days?


*Experience Conversion is just to clear out the closet.  I have a over 177k free experience saved up that just needs to be converted.   That is a host of upgrades and saved pain on equipment grinds, and would mean that I can start every tank I still want to grind in its elite config rather than stock config.  Which means more power, more wins, more cash, etc.

4 thoughts on “Cash Shop Black Hole & the WoT Shopping List

  1. I have never been as concerned with in-game currency as I am with spending RL dough. I figure the currency is for spending on the things I need or want. If I don’t have enough, I save up until I do. My lovely bride on the other hand, is often swimming in currency, but living like Scrooge. I used to try to help her by sharing in-game goods, until I realized she was just being miserly. This is not meant as an insult to her, I just came realize she can afford whatever she wants and doesn’t need charity from me.

    1. Yeah, I’m perpetually broke in games. If I’m not its because I’m saving for something I want.

      I do love giving in-game gifts though. I often hang on to crafting mats and things just to pass them out to other people later. I call it my “Santa Clause Complex,” lol.

  2. Top of my credit list at the moment is the ST-I. Don’t really have any other regular tanks on the radar at the moment. For gold – M22 Locust, T2 LT, Excelsior, T14, Panther M-10, and possibly the SU-122-44 and Jagdtiger 8.8cm.

  3. ST-I has been great fun! If you angle the armor just right, nobody is getting through. And the top gun is a solid hammer to hit people with. I’d recommend buying the enhanced suspension module so you don’t have to grind out another 25k xp though. The Jag88 is also on my list – that’s the one I cut when I got sticker shock lol.

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