All Quiet On The Summer Front

I’m gone again next week.


And outside of one LotRO and one Star Trek session (still trying to decide what to buy in the sale – if you have any suggestions, put them here!), I have played only World of Tanks.  Unfortunately, only the big daddy computer runs The Secret World, and my wife has had some late nights working on those nights when I have not had, wait for it, late nights working.


So my play time continues to be pretty unvaried and boring, and I don’t really have a lot to write about.


Add into this information that my wife and I have been chatting about finances.  There are a couple of “home projects” that we’ve been wanting for awhile, so we are trying to be a little better about spending so that we can perhaps get those done in the near future.   So, I am doubly grateful for that F2P world that we live in right now.


And add into that the fact that I have begun P90X.  Its a long (and rather hilarious) story that I can’t go into now, suffice to say I’ve had the materials for over a year now and am just now getting the impetus to start the program.  I am eight days in, and while it does kick your butt totally, if you are one of those people that wants to see some clear evidence of improvement sooner rather than later, its a good one.


So,  yeah, boring summer from a gaming standpoint.


And because this is a boring post, I thought I would leave you with a fun screenshot:  this is how lucky I got in tanks last night: a shell came within six inches of finishing me off, and instead just peeled me like a grape, lol.


Turning the other cheek does work on occasion.
Turning the other cheek does work on occasion.