Hitler Was Wrong

About a great many things, but most recently, in my meanderings, about this:



I haven’t had a bit of trouble with the ARL V39:




I do a lot of damage with it, get a fair amount of kills, and have found it to be overall, quite awesome.    Hitler complains about the tumor, but the truth is, his assistant there is right – you should be sniping from afar.   And a 2.3 second aim time is hardly in the arty range.   Now, I do use the 105 instead of the 90.   I lose a half second on the reload and a bunch of penetration, but pick up a 20% faster aim speed and 25% boost to damage, with a pen value that is still plenty high enough to take care of anything you run into.


And if I break even tonight with a 1-1 split, I will be at the minimum needed to qualify for noobmeter’s “best recent” list, where I will be the current #7 on the NA server.  So…I think I will hang on to this one for awhile.


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised in any case.  I mean, Hitler also hates the SU-100M1, and…yep, you guessed it:




Noobmeter’s lists there have clearly not been updated – I should be in the #2 slot on that one.  So…I think I will hang on to this one for awhile too.


Incidentally, I give our former clan leader a hard time about this tank as much as I can.   When the summer campaign was at tier 7’s, he pulled me into a match with it just to fill a hole, and then ditched me as soon as he could get someone else in, which turned out to be the next match.   He said it was a  terrible tank and I was ineffective.   Of course, I was third in damage dealt and we won, but hey – who’s counting, lol…


Looks like I’m not the only one who has had great success here either: