Great Posts: Five Things We Don’t Want

While the original article deals with Everquest Next, I think you could probably have retitled it and had it apply to anything I play.


I mean, the strongest motivation you can provide for me to level and spend time in your game?  Convince me with the awesome of this area that I should do everything in my power to explore another.

13 thoughts on “Great Posts: Five Things We Don’t Want

  1. I think a post needs more meat than that to be considered “great” in my book.

    First, they screwed up #2 (I don’t want no fae? Does that mean you want them?)

    Meanwhile #3 and #1 are practically the same thing, #5 says “no instancing or zoning” and then only discusses zoning (which, by the way, EQ had in spades, so wtf?), and point #4 is just wanting a big world. Finally, who is this “we” the title refers to? I only see a single author.

    Frankly, I would call that post crap and a sign that has turned to trolling for cheap page views to drive ad revenue.

    1. Pink Floyd will also be sad to hear that their grammar in Another Brick was screwed up. (-;

      I can count on one hand the number of articles I’ve read on any “official” gaming site. I prefer the blog-o-phere almost exclusively.

      Seriously though, I would argue #3 and #1 are very different. I don’t want their to be a meta-story the likes of which is in vogue right now with GW2, SWTOR, and even to a lesser extent, Rift. That is what #1 is referencing – take your story and shove it. Meanwhlie, #3 is talking only about how we proceed through the game. If I hit level X and that means I can only go to area A or area B (or even worse, just one area – I’m lookin’ at you again SWTOR) I’m not impressed because MMO’s have been offering that for over a decade now. Drop your storyline, acting, and voicover budget and use it to build a bigger world.

      1. No, Pink Floyd will just be sad to learn that you used their art to defend that post. Heh!

        But fine, if we want to ignore the double negative, #2 is still crap. Five things you don’t want in EQN, and the author was so strapped for ideas that he pulled out hate for the fae?

        Seriously, you can argue whether or not #1 and #3 are substantially different or not, but the article itself provides scant support for either view, as it reads like it was cranked out in fifteen minutes.

        If you want posts on the subject, Wolfshead went into greater depth, Keen put in more emotion, and I, to toot my own horn, clearly spent more time considering the realities of the situation. And not one of us felt so strapped for material that we had to bring the fae into it.

      2. lol touche!

        I think you underestimate just how much players like the author and myself utterly, completely despise the existence of the fae. Quite frankly, its #1 on my list!

        As for the rest – well, I agreed with Keen on 0 of 3 demands and with Wolfshead on 3 of 8. On yours, in the “lessons learned” I agreed on 1 of 6, and on your personal wishlist, perhaps half of the things there. All that versus here where it was 5 for 5.

        So, I will cop to this: when I say “great post” – I mean, it was great for me. Not necessarily one for the ages in some objective sense. Perhaps an even better way of putting it is that if I had an “in” at SOE and could hand off one of your wish lists for serious consideration, this would be the one I would hand in.

      3. Poor Rowan, can’t be bothered to read the title of the post linked I guess.

        Title: Five Things We Don’t Want in EverQuest Next

        Item #2: No Fae!

        That seems like a double negative to me. If it is things you don’t want, then the bullet point should just be “Fae!” Otherwise, logically, it is “don’t want no fae.”

        As for your condescension, it wasn’t that I “couldn’t get over it” but that such a sloppy error seemed to argue solidly against greatness.

      4. But I’m so glad we have you to help us determine what is or is not crap on the Internet. Far be it for little ol’ me to keep up with your heading-spanning grammatical dogmatism, or for poor Mr. Tingle to be so against Fae in EQNext that he breaks out an emphatic negative to make his point. There’s plenty to disagree with in the original article. But you’re stuck nitpicking—condescendingly, I might add—so I called you on it.

      5. Wow, that is some serious pot calling the kettle black there. Condescension didn’t enter the discussion until you showed up. I stated an opinion on the greatness (or lack thereof) on the article and backed it up with evidence. The strangeness of that on the internet must have confused you. Somehow that made you think I “couldn’t get over it,” which was quite condescending. I merely returned the favor.

        Meanwhile, I am sure HZ will be glad to read this.

      6. Eh, I’m staying out of that fight.

        Re: The Tweet. I have no idea who Brasse is, I assume from your comment that he is someone in the know? If the Fae are being left out, it will be the first thing I’ve heard about EQN that I would put in the “positive” category in my book.

  2. I like zones. I’m not against a “seamless world” but I like the moments of transition that zones bring. Not to mention that zoneline play was one of the defining features of EQ. Can’t have “train to zone” without a zone. As for Instances, he mentions them in the heading but not in the body so there’s no context. LDON was one of the best expansions EQ ever had and that was all instances.

    The Fae, seriously, who cares? First off, the race was in EQ right from the start, just not playable. Did having Fae in Greater Feydark ruin the experience for anyone in 1999? I doubt it. I don’t like them as playable race either but I can’t see how they are any less “realistic” in context than any of the others.

    A big map and lots of choices on where to level are pretty similar concepts. Also a bit mom and apple pie. Who’s going to ask for a small map and no choice in where to level?

    As for a storyline, anyone who claims EQ didn’t have a storyline wasn’t paying attention. It had a huge, convoluted, rambling storyline that was almost impossible to follow or understand but it very definitely had one. The difference was that the responsibility was on the player to go and find it, or work out what was going on when the storyline came and found him, as in the Dark Elven invasion of Firiona Vie.

    All in all I think that’s a pretty poor set of “must not haves” and a very lackluster piece of prose.

    1. Yeah upon further reflection this afternoon I think I agree – I’m more of a Zone than No-Zone person. I’ve never minded them and never seen the angst against them.

      As for the Fae – again, we are missing the point. I don’t care if they are realistic or not or fit the lore of not. They are fugly and distracting and I don’t want them in the game. Its that simple! (-:

      Regarding the map – I’m not sure how that makes it any less valid a desire, being mom and apple pie? He isn’t just saying “nobody wants a small world” – he’s demanding a huge frickin’ world the likes of which no MMO has seen before.

      Regarding the story – you actually then agree with the author – he does not want a story *on rails.* What you describe is a story, but if the game isn’t forcing you down the unfolding path of that story, there are no rails.

      Is it poor quality? You betchya. Doesn’t make it any less great in my book, since it speaks to my hearts desires.

      1. This is an interesting discussion. I wanted to answer here, but the reply spiraled out of control. I hope I can finish a post about this tonight.

        Just as a teaser: I’m strongly no-zone. 🙂

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