Am I Done With MMO’s?

I was reading through the list of BioBreak’s poll: “What upcoming MMO’s are you dying to play?” I fully expected to be checking several boxes, but as I went through the list I realized the answer might be one he didn’t have on there.

None of the Above.

The list is underwhelming to me. TESO looks to be a group based dungeon crawler, instead of the sandbox experience we have all come to love in the series. And Syp is right when he ponders that maybe this was the wrong focus – instead maybe we should have gotten a new TES game with the ability to invite a few friends along for the ride (This was the impetus behind Two Worlds, which remains an under-appreciated game, if for not reason other than that alone).

I also skipped over all the games that are not MMORPG’s, but rather online shooters (Firefall, Valkyrie, DayZ). Not that I won’t come to enjoy them, but they are not MMO’s in my mind. I also dropped out a few others for the same reason. My enjoyable days in Shadowbane are the exception rather than the rule to my usual playstyle, so Camelot Unchained is not on the list. Pathfinder and WildStar are two games that are baffling to me – I have no idea why they are getting the attention and generating the excitement that they are. Maybe somebody needs to explain it to me? Same with EQN I suppose.

Transformers Universe gives me heartburn. We’ve been begging for the IP to be used in an MMO for years and instead all we’ve gotten is some MOBA PvP crap. Do people really think that Transformers nostalgists (who will spend any amount of money on old toys and cons) are also hardcore PvPer’s? Is there no limit to how out of touch a developer and investor can be?

The Repopulation gets a nod for its hardline sandbox design, but setting wise, I’m just not a fan. As Wilhelm has mentioned before, simulated sword fights are a little easier to make believe with than simulated gunfights where you know that one shot would normally do the trick.

ArcheAge is about the only thing on the list I’m interested in, and I know its at least another year off. So while I’m interested, I’m tempering it with patience and a dose of “wait and see” for how all that PvP is handled (does the judge, jury, jail system really work?) and what cultural translation issues are going to crop up.

Is this it for me?

Even Rift has not been as engaging this time around. Last time I couldn’t wait to log in, this time I do it, and enjoy it, and enjoy the company in it. But I have no burning desire to log in on an off night and do a few Rifts or dailies.

Shortcuts for TSW and EQ2 are also currently sitting on my desktop gathering dust.

Maybe I’m just not phased in right, maybe I’m not in the mood. Maybe Tanks has become that one game for me. Or maybe I’m just done with MMO’s. I don’t know.

Somewhere within me though, a voice says that I’m not done, and that I need to rediscover some of the fun that I was having before. I’m not quite sure how to do that, but I would like to. Maybe its time to experiment a bit and see what I come up with. Because if anything is going to generate some excitement from me, for the time being, its going to be something that’s already available.

4 thoughts on “Am I Done With MMO’s?

  1. pkudude99

    I’m in the same boat — if I sit at the pc in the evening with time to burn I look at the shortcuts and generally just kinda go “meh.” Nothing calls to me anymore. I’ve played a dash of TSW in the past week or so, and even logged into EQ2 for the 1st time in god-knows-how-long. I took Syp’s poll and did check 4 boxes, but even the 4 I checked, I’m not super excited about, so it doesn’t really fall in line with his “can’t wait” trope.

    Heck, my last post I made at Nomadic Gamers I put a pcture of “my front yard” where I went on vacation for a long weekend a couple of weeks back rather than a game screenie. I looked through the screenie folder and even there went “None of this even looks exciting anymore.”

    FWIW, my wife’s enjoying the “together tv-time” and I’m getting a lot of reading done as well.

  2. I went through the phase with MMOs earlier this year. At the moment, my main problem is that I’m not super-excited for any one game, and roughly equally semi-interested in a couple. That, also, makes many nights go by with “I can’t decide and will watch Twin Peaks again”, or whatever else I come up with that night.

    It isn’t very good for my blog either. But I’ll manage. Somehow. Hopefully. 🙂

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