Quote of the Day: SWTOR Tackles Starfighters

MMORPG has a link to a piece talking about the second grand – expansion, content update – whatever, to SWTOR, entitled Galactic Starfighter.

The TL; DR version is that while 12v12 matches in space seems like it might be a fun little PvP minigame, its not up to snuff with SWG’s Jump To Lightspeed expansion, and that is, in the eyes of the author, and okay thing. So, a little shining star of an update right?

However, the opening comment on the article steals the thunder and takes the cake:


5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: SWTOR Tackles Starfighters

    1. Eh, I think you missed the point. (-: Btw, I for one am glad of your move away from Dice Jockey, since as one of “those people” that doesn’t do G+, I had no way to comment even though I was reading!

      1. Now I’m taking the move even further away from Google services – switching from my Gmail address to a custom domain Outlook.com address. I’ve had my Gmail address as my primary for nearly 10 years now, so this is a major change for me.

        Google’s starting to do things in such a way that even I’m uncomfortable with them.

  1. I was pondering a little post about how the free to play converts on the SWTOR team were really flattering Wargaming.net by essentially starting to move into their territory with a F2P battleground. But the SWG/JTL comment is such a poke in the eye I am not sure anything else needs be said.

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