NBI Graduates a New Class of Bloggers

Rowan has the lowdown here. I had every intention of supporting the initiative this year, but as you can probably tell, my posting has gone to pot over the last month – unfortunately has been just too much personal crap swirling in my life. So I am glad for a new class of fresh bloggers to pick up the slack! Congrats c/o ’13.

While I don’t have any favorites, since I haven’t had a chance to read all of them yet, I have read several posts by the Chindividual and found them enjoyable. I also got some link love from Scree over at the Cynic Dialogues. His post ruminated on why I might have joined a guild (clan) for WoT and why people join them in general, and then went on to suggest that younger gamers perhaps did not know how to socialize or interact with others.

It was a good post, and I wanted to comment about my possible antisocial tendencies (I’m in my mid thirties, with three kids, so I’m not sure I qualify as younger). Unfortunately Scree doesn’t allow comments. So I figured I would email or twitter (sorry…”tweet”) him, but as it turns out, his contact and social pages are blank. I did finally track down a twitter for him, so this is my #FF a day early. That being social stuff is tricky. (-;

Welcome to the fold NBI peeps, we are happy you are here!


3 thoughts on “NBI Graduates a New Class of Bloggers

  1. I kept meaning to post about Guilds, but others things always seemed more pressing, and I wanted to read what everyone else had to say. Like you, I feel like October has been really busy in my non-gaming life. Raptr gives lie to that, though.

  2. craigschupp

    Just an update, I had my contact info located at the very bottom of the blog, but I have since updated my Contact info. Thanks for prodding my laziness into action ;>

    1. Heh, its all good. It was a great post, wanted to give it some attention in any case. On a day I’m not on pain meds and able to sit up long enough (in the near future hopefully), I’ll add you into the blogroll over there. ->

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