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Welp, the official launch of World of Warplanes is a day or less away. We don’t know for sure because, as has been repeated ad nauseum on the forums for years now, Wargaming has an official “I’ve got a secret” complex where they hide (or, even scarier, don’t know) when the actual launch of their new title will be taking place.

I’ve farmed 94 days of premium, completed my 700 battles (and then some – 944 in total), gotten all the free stuff I can lay my hands on, and am ready for more. There is just one problem. And for me, its a doozie. I really don’t know what lines of planes I’m going to be playing after launch.

wowp test stats 1

I had fully intended first to do the Japanese line. Then I tried my hand with the Russians. And the last few days of Beta I’ve spent training the generally-considered-OP strategy of Boom and Zoom available in the US and German lines.

And I’m just not sure where to go. I figured I would pick two lines, probably one for fun and one for srs bizness – maybe a Japanese (speaking of which – how do we shorten that slang wise? “Jap” is considered somewhat offensive still, yes?) or Russian line complimented with a US or German line. In other words, one TnB (Turn and Burn – horizontal, low altitude fighter), and one BnZ (Boom and Zoom – vertical, high altitude fighter).

Not helping things is the fact that translations of the launch notes on the RU server (which already happened apparently) indicate that BnZ fighters have been nerfed and TnB fighters buffed. So there is some speculation about how this might play out once the game goes live. Its entirely possible hordes of testers will begin flying German heavies only to realize they are no longer the Easy Button of WoWp.

If you didn't get and easy button in Alpha, you can pick this little gem up for next to nothing.
If you didn’t get and easy button in Alpha, you can pick this little gem up for next to nothing.

About the only thing I am sure of is that I intend to steer clear of Ground Attack planes. Unlike in War Thunder, where bombs are king, in Warplanes, GA planes and role is purely secondary, and so your ability to influence a battle is minimal. That’s not to say it isn’t fun, but, amazingly enough, I for once and concerned a bit about my stats and would like to have a care with regards to them from the beginning. Plus the only ones available right now is the endless line of IL-2’s. Meh.

So for the time being, for me, I’m headed for what is both fun and efficient – allowing me a variety of planes without cast iron decisions. That probably means the Lavochkin line, which can open up both the La-15 and the Yak-30, and was one of my favorite lines in testing, for my TnB efforts. And for the BnZ category, the Messerschmidt 109 line, which eventually dumps out into the popular favorite 262’s as well as the under-appreciated P.1101.

But that’s not set in stone. Lately I have come to enjoy the US carrier line and the British heavies, both of which are fine planes even in to the high tiers. See? Even in PvP games I have alt-itis. In tanks I was able to set that aside long enough to turn out my first two tier 10’s – which was actually three with the line corrections they did (something I think they will avoid in WoWp). If I can do that here that will be great.

On the other hand – Warplanes is not like tanks. Lots of players are stopping progression at tier 6. That allows them to avoid all the post war planes and almost all the jets. And I admit, combat at that tier is fun. Once you get into the jet era, combat changes drastically. Movement is faster, timing and reflexes are more important, and the margin for error is thin. It will certainly appeal to some of the best and make for great PvP for the serious player. But for the rest of us…tier 10 may not be a goal this time around.


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  1. I was not aware of Wargaming’s strange silence on launch of it’s titles. It seems surreal. Shouldn’t you make a big deal about it for the first day ? First few hours ?

    Or is this just a calculated move to keep the servers from crashing on launch day ?

    1. One would think, but it fits the paradigm of “I’ve got a secret” which is why the phrase is practically a meme on the WoWp forums. The team just updated the main page as of a few minutes ago. The servers will go down for maintenance and update and when they come back on line, it will be release time. Downtime: November 12 from 23:00 to November 13 03:00 PST (02:00 – 06:00 EST).

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  3. The focus on ground targets and such did strike me as a little odd in War Thunder at first. But I have noticed that it does drive the flow of the battle. Targets are visible to all, so the enemy knows where to defend and you know where you need to attack and your supporting fighters know where they need to go to help you. The targets are often spread out, so seeing a lot of hostiles around target A means you can head into the maelstrom or try to sneak off to another target.

    I haven’t played WoWp, not being able to make it out of the tutorial, but this seems to work for WT.

    1. I think its a great system for WarThunder, particularly since they want to integrate ground forces, which allows everyone to focus in on similar objectives. While I’ve been wrapped up on WoWp lately, your bomber posts have been interesting. I think I will fill my ground target itch in WT instead of WoWp.

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