Now This Is How You Pick Testers

Warships dev team take notice, this is how you pick testers for your next game.

Today we are enlisting you in the War Thunder Ground Forces Training Unit!

The Ground Forces HQ announces the forthcoming tanks Closed Beta commencement, and gives you a chance to participate in it.

In the next three weeks we will be issueing challenges to identify our most determined and loyal fighters.

Receive and complete these new combat missions to earn your access to the Closed Beta test and get a chance to win other valuable gifts like War Thunder special t-shirts and watches. The more you complete the higher your chances are.

The testing itself is currently scheduled to start before December 4th.

So brace yourselves and be ready for the first mission that we are issuing today, on November 13th!

From 13:00 GMT November 13th to 11:00 GMT November 14th (6:00 PST November 13th to 4:00 PST November 14th):

destroy 60 ground units in Arcade battles or
30 ground units in History battles or
30 ground units in Full Real battles.

You can check progress in Profile- achievements -> achievements -> SPECIAL

Good luck!

War Thunder Ground Forces HQ

Wanna test our new game? Show your dedication through the current game. Instead of a bunch of my little pony forum posts.

4 thoughts on “Now This Is How You Pick Testers

    1. WarThunder (the other airplane game, the one Wilhelm plays) is adding an integrated ground battle component to its matches, and that is what they are soliciting for testers for. Basically, you will be able to play tanks and planes in the same battle.

      Infantry is generally left out for ratings reasons – its really hard to get a low enough rating for teenagers to play (apparently this is a big deal in Europe, unlike here) if you have pixel men getting shot and blown up.

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