What Do You Miss?

When testing on WoWp was wrapping up last week, a player posted a great little forum thread asking a simple question: What will you miss the most? Nostalgia for a game that hadn’t even launched yet?

But don’t underestimate the power of nostalgia right? Bio Break and TAGN regularly post on it, and for me, those are some of the most fun ones to read. I’m not entirely convinced that this is indeed the right word, given the circumstances, but for the purposes of this post, I’m going to use it. With an operation definition of “stuff we miss.”

For us as testers, the question hit home because some of those planes we tested and played and came to love…well, we may never get our hands on them again. Some are being reserved for certain things (the Me 210 for alpha testers was a fan favorite among many of the closed beta kids, who were upset), the He 100 they were never able to balance well and it doesn’t look like its coming back anytime soon (despite players lobbying for it), and some planes are being given out through codes and community events and will not be available for purchase.

I was fortunate. When I saw the thread, and I went through the list of aircraft I had been given to test, I realized that while some were fun, there was really only one that I was going to miss, a little tier 3 burner, the Ki-33. A Japanese monoplane from the mid thirties, it fits well on the tier, and in fact had tremendous speed and maneuverability. The Achilles heel of the plane was its firepower – a pair of rifle-caliber peashooters mounted in the cowling. Cowling mounts meant a low rate of fire (due to having to synch with the prop) and the low caliber meant little damage to begin with. But I loved it, and I played the heck out of it in testing, enjoying it more than the two tier 3 premiums I knew I would get to keep, the Brewster Buffalo prototype and the I-15bis DM gift plane from WG’s 15th anniversary. Neither of those is a bad plane – they are both quite good in fact. I just loved the Ki. And while Serb confirmed today that it was a plane that would not be for sale in the in game shop, and used only for promotions, one of those promotions was the limited quanitity shirts that WoWp sold through Jinx, and I was fortunate enough to be able to pick one up.

On the downside, nostalgia is not always that easy to come by. For example, I miss the racial abilities in Everquest II, which have long since gone by the wayside. It used to be that my High Elf Guardian had a racial DD spell – but no more. I won’t get that back (unless they do a vintage server at some point). Games change, so even ones that haven’t closed down that we long for may have bits and pieces no longer available to us. I can say that first hand as I used my free 10 day pass on World of Warcraft this week – exploring for the first time areas that were very different post-Cataclysm than they were the last time I was playing.

And then there are the things that are in a game that we pine for that we never had the chance to play with in the first place. I will never lay hands on the gift tank M60 that was put out for World of Tanks first campaign. Seasonal and retired items abound in TERA and SWTOR and Uncharted Waters Online. We can certainly “miss” those things too, in a sense. There are probably thousands of World of Tanks players who would give their left arm for a Type 59, many of whom have never been in the driver’s seat for it.

Do we wish that maybe some games gave us a little more options or freedom when it comes to collecting and loving things? I know the restrictions breed desire and those shiny parts become badges of honor. I get that, I am on record as saying that I hope that the tanks and planes I’ve earned as a tester are never made available to the general public, for example. But the more I read through that thread, and the more I’ve thought about it…the more I think I might be wrong.

So what do you miss? What bits and pieces, classes and abilities, vehicles and goodies do you wish were still in a game? What things do you wish that you had or had the foresight to purchase (or the chance to win or lay hold of) when they were available?


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  1. I’d have to think about it for a while, but I guess my Violet Protodrake from WoW, the Holiday meta-achievement reward. I didn’t really get to use it that much before quitting the game entirely. But it represented a lot of “work” and patience participating in all the Holiday events over the course of a couple years. I suppose there are other things that I’ve missed because I wasn’t playing a game at launch or during some special event, but I can’t think of any standing here at work.

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