All Quiet On the Blogging Front

I’ve been a bit busy in the clouds lately. It turns out, I’m pretty good at this World of Warplanes thing.

goin goin goin

So I’ve been working my way up the bracket around the usual busy holiday season. Last year I managed all of four posts in the month of December. I imagine this year will be about the same.

I have on tap a post about how games are never well served by making major changes during a game’s Open Beta (as Mechwarrior Online, and most recently, WarThunder have proven). And a post reviewing my “Looking Ahead” post from last January, and wondering what 2013 would bring (which is going to be very interesting, there has been movement in just about every area). And last but not least – a caption contest, with a prize.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the holidays and staying warm.

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