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  1. The post was still available via my RSS reader. Aggressive tone aside, you are right: the old guard are sometimes a game’s worst enemy. I saw this in M59, where the “wolves” would sniff out the fresh meat and hound them until they left. Then they’d turn around and wonder why the game never really grew.

    I think the problem with selling characters is that it does violate the implicit agreement made by the players to the developers. This is why people harp about the progression and stuff like that, because they bought into it.

    Anyway, I’d encourage you to rewrite the post without the aggressive tone but with the same message. I think it’s something the old guard of MMOs really does need to address.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know of a way to retract it from there once its gone out unfortunately. If there is a way, somebody let me know.

      Thank you for the encouragement. Right now I’m not sure I can make the point without holding somebody’s feet to the fire, but I’ll sleep on it. I’ve been out on an emergency hospital call for the last three hours and it may be that I’m too fried to find the solution just yet.

  2. that was an amazing rant! just going through my feedly now and I’m sorry you felt the need to take it down. It’s good to show emotion and be passionate about a position and you shouldn’t be afraid to ruffle those feathers occasionally. It was a good post that outlined the position well

    There are many who agree with your position, I don’t care one way or another about the debate.. do or don’t but I do like that the option is there. Personal I think being invested in something has far more to do than just how much time you spent on it, in fact, the amount of time spent is usually incidental to feeling invested

  3. Jidhari

    It is a shame you took it down. I thought you had some points worthy of discussion in there. As a regular reader, why don’t you rewrite it with a less aggressive tone as Brian suggested. While I am more of a traditional MMO player, you had some interesting perspectives. My main issue was that some of the articles you were referencing were not actually criticizing the concept of insta level but how it was done and why. Perhaps just structure it as an article about your own view of the Turbine move and counterpoints against common opposing arguments?

    Of course you are the master of your own blog so your call. Looking forward to whatever your next article will be.

    1. I think that’s the issue at hand Jidhari. My contention is that those articles were indeed critical of the concept, whether they knew it or not. Clearly I didn’t make that argument well enough, and unless I can revisit it in a way that at least gets people to consider that possibility, its not worth coming back too.

  4. I wish I had seen the backlash that prompted you to pull the post. Since I don’t play LOTRO, I wasn’t personally invested in this particular debate. But I can see it happening in other games, too. I think you made good points about veteran players thinking that the way they have played should be forced on newcomers who may not be interested in the game for the same reasons the veterans were. Unfortunately, in both gaming and RL, we find people clinging to old ways of doing things, despite new approaches being available. I agree with Psychochild, too, and encourage you to rework the post into a more palatable flavor, because your core point is valid.

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