Meanwhile, In Korea…

ArcheAge receives a level cap increase and a skill revamp. Here in America, we get…

An official game site that has not been updated in at least the last 13 months (that I’ve been checking), and that links to three fan sites, two of which are dead. Actually, I take that back, Trion did update their Beta website recently…to look exactly like the official site I linked above. Can you update to something over a year old? Is that really an update?

Here is a screen shot of the new website...that I originally uploaded 356 days ago.
Here is a screen shot of the new website…that I originally uploaded 356 days ago.

That third fan site is actually pretty good and strong, with a nice set of forums and updates as the sparse trickle of information comes. But a quick glance at the forums will tell you that most of them have given up and gone on to find ways to play in Korea (protip: not as easy or legal as you might think or hope – believe me, I’ve looked into it) or have given up on waiting at all.

I’m about in the same place myself. Even if ArcheAge is the only MMO ever with a “Writer” class.