Stahl Stepping Down

Stephen D’Angelo is the new captain of STO.

This will actually be his second stint at the helm. He was interim Executive Producer when Stahl took a leave of absence back in 2011.

I have to say, I have a bit of sadness around this. Stahl did a great job facilitating communication, listening to feedback, and charting a solid course for the game. In a lot of ways, I’m not sure STO could have asked for someone better to lead it.

Stahl is not retiring, but has agreed to con an “an exciting new project at Cryptic Studios” according to the article. According to their webpage, they simply call this their Top Secret Project and will only say at this time that it “represents our continued commitment to diversify and reach beyond the boundaries of traditional MMORPG gaming.” I’m not sure what that might be, but whatever it is, they are in as good a set of hands as you could ask for for the project. (I do know at one time Cryptic was set to pursue a modern Cthulhu/Indiana Jones style modern MMO – wonder if this has been resurrected).

Good luck Dan, and thanks for your hand in rescuing the game from an otherwise unceremonious fate.

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