Turbine’s Future

There have been a couple of posts lately about Turbine’s future – whether or not they would (or would be able to) continue licensing the Tolkien IP for LotRO and if they might be working on an IP of their own given the other titles in their library. Something’s in the wind for sure, and nobody I think can bring themselves to believe that Turbine is on its way out or into a significant downgrade.

After all, functional, profitable, and successful MMO studios are, if not a rare commodity, at least an uncommon one.

I agree with the feeling that they are not done and are either gearing up to work on something new or will be doing so soon. I’m surprised this hasn’t been the case for awhile now. Back in the spring of 2010 when Warner Bros. bought Turbine, I pondered out loud what that might mean in terms of new MMOs’.

I listed in that post some IP’s that Warner Bros. owned outright that might make for interesting MMO’s. One of those has come to pass in a fashion after the form of Infinite Crisis (DC Comics). So how about a look at those other IP’s once more, to ponder anew what Turbine might have up their sleeves for the future:

Harry Potter

Looney Tunes



Mortal Kombat

The Last Starfighter

Wizard of Oz

Nightmare/Friday the 13th/Texas Chainsaw.

And that list does not include the franchises that Warner has deep ties to and relationships with, including: Sesame Street, Pokemon, and Watership Down.