6 comments on “STO’s 4th Anniversary Ship

  1. Your link to the Springfield was rejected.

    When I played for while in the summer, I used the Odyssey Class regularly on my RA. I think it;s a great ship. The Ambassador Class? Didn’t even bother.

    • Thanks for the head’s up. The funny thing is that I did save it to my site. Guess it just doesn’t like anyone taking the pics period.

      I can’t believe you don’t like the Ambassador! Such a beautiful ship…

  2. Odyssey-wise, I still only have the free one. Never did bother buying one, although the bridge looks sweet. I loved the mission to get the Ambassador last year, but I think I still have the box in my bank, never did open it yet. Same with the two Breen ships and the Risan Corvette. I already have “too many” ships in drydock because I only actually use a few to play.

    Oh, and the expression is “for all intents and purposes.” :)

    • I really wanted the Oddy, and I may still shell out the money to buy one, since the “free” Fleet version is only available to the largest and most irritating fleets. :-p

      I have not bothered to get the two Breen ships (both ugly…just…ugle) or the Risan corvette (uh…). I’m a hard core Federationist I guess. I like saucers and nacelles and a neck between the two.

      Thanks for the head’s up on the expression. I will leave the fail in place as a punishment and reminder to myself lol.

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